A Strong History with Pharmaceutical Marketing Models

MMA counts some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies as clients and has conducted studies on a number of different products within the industry, including analgesics, antibiotics, diabetes, hypertensions, arthritis, medical imaging, to name a few. MMA has been modeling pharmaceuticals for over 14 years, and has worked with prescription, specialty, “buy & bill” and OTC products. MMA also conducts test and control studies for pharmaceutical clients for products in neuroscience, oncology, and cardiovascular. You need to partner with a vendor with an acute knowledge of the unique data sources for this industry.

As a Solution for Pharma

Measuring marketing effectiveness for both DTC and Professional in the pharmaceutical space provides clients with results that provide an understanding of effectiveness for different marketing tactics in generating new prescriptions and total prescriptions. Pharmaceutical marketers also see benefits from marketing mix optimizations and media scheduling in taking advantage of allocation opportunities. Clients see the physician level modeling results as an integral part of their marketing plan that delivers valuable insights into the impact of media on specific segments. Forecasting allows more granular and robust measurements of physician-targeted marketing by leveraging richer disaggregate data and facilitates more powerful physician segmentations based on individual marketing response. Predictive analytics for the healthcare and pharmaceuticals can identify millions in wasted marketing spend.

Tackling the Tough Business Questions

  • How can I measure marketing effectiveness and ROI for my Pharma business, both for DTC and physician focused marketing?
  • Which tactics work best and where are there opportunities to optimize?
  • Which types of Promotional Med Ed programs or which types of Detailing (primary or secondary) are the most effective and efficient?
  • How does the response vary by physician type (PCPs vs. Specialists)? By physician script-writing level (high-writers vs. low-writers)?
  • Do synergistic effects among the marketing activities exist and how are they best exploited?
  • Is there upside potential for each driver and what are their levels of saturation?
  • What is the impact of placement/lack of placement in health plan protocols, and contracts with HMOs, formulary?