Andrew Zwillinger

VP Analytic Consulting

Andrew brings over 15 years of diverse experience in analytics, consulting, finance, management, marketing and sales to Ipsos MMA. His strong statistical acumen, technical proficiencies and domain knowledge enable him to work successfully with his clients to create ‘always-on’ data-driven analytic solutions that drive incremental revenue and profits for them.

Andrew Zwillinger

Andrew is an experienced, trusted advisor, respected project manager and team leader who works closely with his people and clients to translate, distill and communicate statistical outputs into understandable and trusted insights that can be used to optimize their go-forward marketing plans.  His knowledge and experience in working with marketing, finance and agency teams makes him highly proficient at not only making recommendations, but helping activate, track and manage optimal marketing planning throughout the process.

He joined Ipsos MMA in December of 2020 as a Director and was promoted to Vice President in August of 2022.  Prior to joining MMA, he held continuously escalating roles at Market Fusion Analytics and Chelsea Piers.

Andrew holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Statistics and Finance from Baruch College and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sports Management and Marketing from New York University.

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