Susmita Chaudhury


With deep experience in global diversified research and analytics, Susmita’s expertise and experience spans pricing, marketing, sales, risk management, collections, human resources, customer relationship management and business process management.

Susmita Chaudhury

Her sector experience includes CPGretailfinancial services, technology, telecom and oil and gas. In the past 10 years Susmita has been a leader in developing and leading Global Centers of Excellence focused on analytic and product innovation and delivery excellence.

Susmita Chaudhury joined SMA in January 2011 after it acquired the company she co-founded, SCAnalytics (SCA). SCA was a Bangalore-based analytics firm founded in the fall of 2009. As one of two founding partners Susmita was responsible for overall business development, while also working with major multi-billion-dollar corporate clients based in India, the United States and Europe.

Prior to founding SCA she played a key role in supporting innovation and offshore analytics at Symphony Marketing Solutions (SymphonyIRI group), where she led development and delivery teams focused on high-priority projects and clients. She also led the custom analytics team responsible for developing and delivering innovative analytic solutions. With an expertise in marketing, pricing and CRM analytics, she worked with major clients in CPG and retail.

Susmita began her career in research and marketing/pricing strategy consulting in the public sector with The National Institute of Public Finance and Policy and The Energy Resources Institute, as well as with major national and multinational oil and gas companies. Susmita holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Statistics from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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