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Go Beyond the Silo of Digital Attribution to Full Customer Attribution

Measuring Digital Attribution Outside of a Silo and Within the Context of the Customer’s World By Nigel Foote Marketers have sought to understand the impact of all the elements of marketing on revenue and profit — in other words, to properly attribute the contribution of incremental revenue that each tactic delivers. For years, commercial effectiveness analytics […]

Commercial Effectiveness Analytics – The Bridge from Math to Transformation & Value Creation

New York, New York, October 18, 2016 –  The combination of “big/smart data” and commercial effectiveness analytics is providing companies unprecedented transparency into what the most effective combination of their investments should be.  Commercial effectiveness solutions focus across a company’s investment portfolio honing in on how sales, marketing, and operations’ budgets can be optimized holistically […]

Unlocking the Real Value of your Marketing ROI

Optimizing Net Attribution Across Digital, Social, Offline Marketing and a Broad Range of Commercial Drivers By Douglas Brooks Quantifying the real impact and value of marketing, especially through digital channels, on short and long-term growth is increasingly more challenging –  executives are too often struggling with increasing marketing budgets but aren’t necessarily seeing the top […]