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Sequent Partners Whitepaper: Driving Profitable Growth with Full Customer Attribution Modeling

Recently, Sequent Partners authored a white paper that laid out the current state of attribution and ROI measurement. Conducted for CIMM and the 4A’s, the paper highlighted the tremendous promise and opportunities associated with this detailed and more granular ROI methodology. The results of our study suggest that right now, attribution analytics and applications are […]

Sequent Partners Whitepaper: Driving More Profitable Business Investments with Holistic Commercial Effectiveness Analysis

Historically, marketing mix models—again, no matter how sophisticated—have been about the marketing and media mix, which can represent as little as 10% of corporate budgets, depending upon the industry. It’s evident to us that in many industries, successful marketing, both traditional and digital, is highly dependent on not only working together, but also working with sales, operations and other important internal investment areas. We’ve come to realize that too much of the dialogue in analytics is focused on the digital and offline marketing silos.