Sequent Partners Whitepaper: Driving Profitable Growth with Full Customer Attribution Modeling

Recently, Sequent Partners authored a white paper that laid out the current state of attribution and ROI measurement. Conducted for CIMM and the 4A’s, the paper highlighted the tremendous promise and opportunities associated with this detailed and more granular ROI methodology.

The results of our study suggest that right now, attribution analytics and applications are evolving. Historically, attribution was centered exclusively on digital pathways and consumer journeys. The analysis was isolated not only from the rest of the media mix, but also from other sales, products, long-term brand equity building efforts, prices, promotions, and operational and relevant external variables. Furthermore, attribution models were hampered technically by apriori algorithms such as “first click” or “last click,” which assigned outcomes to a fixed digital touchpoint, regardless of other influences. Misattribution and inefficient spending allocations often resulted.

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