MMA launches new Client Leadership and High-Performance Initiative at the Arctic Circle

North of the 66th parallel up in the Arctic Circle last week MMA launched a major transformational reorganization designed to significantly enhance its leadership position with clients as well as further build on the company’s high-performance team objectives.

MMA Blog 8-17-15In the past 12 months we’ve added some of the analytic industries’ most talented executive leadership. We’ve also increased client service support resources by over 30%. We continue to innovate and look to potential acquisitions in order to further expand our leadership position in the space. Everything we do is about creating value for the client so we have restructured the company around Client Centers of Excellence. Four divisions have been created to focus on providing our client partners with better strategic thinking and value via an increasing set of data management and analytic solutions. Each of the divisions will now be led by an experienced executive and management team who not only understands analytics but more importantly understands how to apply analytic capability and solutions to problem solving. The incremental resource capacity ensures that we will be able to delight our existing partners while supporting our growth objectives as we move into 2016.

The meeting was held at Plummer’s Trophy Lodge in the Arctic Circle – an exclusive, top rated lodge in the Northwest Territories. Most of the team had never fished before and almost none ever had put the Arctic Circle on their ‘bucket list.’ While musk ox and caribou herds grazed within a few miles of the lodge and Bald and Golden eagles flew overhead MMA conducted its “storming and norming” transformational meetings designed to bring new and existing management as well as proven and fresh ideas together to create value-driven innovation for the data and analytic industry. The team got to know each other, work together, agree on goals and lay plans to achieve them with very limited distractions.

We took people out of their comfort zone for a week and placed them in as pristine and remote area as we could find in a place where people and ideas could flow freely. At the Arctic Circle we were able to achieve a focus and sense of unity around where we need to go and what we need to do to get there. Plummer’s Arctic Lodges helped facilitate making the meeting a tremendous success doing an exceptional job of providing world-class accommodations, professional guides and customer service laying the foundation for us to have some of the most productive, transformational meetings I have experienced in over 30 years in the business.

After an early start each morning team meetings were held in the main hall. The team aligned around core client and high-performance objectives and how to achieve them. Value creation, innovation, team unity and high-performance skill development were the core themes. Each day the management team rotated people in the boats getting quality time to fish and get to know each other. Every day the 14 boats and guides conducted a team shore lunch for 2 hours while the team was able to hike the Arctic terrain, relax, admire nature at its purest and talk together. For those who didn’t understand the value of conservation practices… it only took this trip to understand how important and impactful they could be. Sometimes you have to see it to fully understand it. If you want to talk about teamwork – what an amazing thing to see a shore lunch prepared in the Arctic by Plummer’s guides — flawless execution preparing gourmet dining of the freshest and healthiest kind. In the evening the team dined together and enjoyed time discussing the day’s activities.

By week’s end over 40 trophy fish had been landed and carefully released, including a 50 pound trout – most by people who had never even thought to fish a day in their lives let alone go to the Arctic Circle to do so. More importantly however the sense of purpose, team unity and client focus stood at an all-time high for the company. I think I heard the following quote about 25 times from this management team. It went something like this: “I never thought to put an Arctic trip like this on my ‘bucket list.’ Now that I’ve been here I couldn’t imagine not having it on my list.”

We move northward…

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