MMA Presenting a POV on Full Customer Attribution at the Attribution Accelerator Conference in New York on November 30th

NEW YORK, Nov. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — On November 30th, Nigel Foote, General Manager of EMEA at MMA will take the audience through a journey to share how MMA is enabling clients to build profitable future marketing plans from determining the revenue impact of all these factors – with our Full Customer Attribution approach. His discussion is titled “Go Beyond the Silo of Digital Attribution towards Full Customer Attribution”.

The Attribution Accelerator event is being presented by Sequent Partners, Time Inc., Viant, GreenBook on November 30th 2016 in New York City.

“To really drive value from commercial effectiveness across the enterprise you have to have the confidence to move beyond silo’d digital attribution approaches and apply one attribution solution across the whole range of commercial investments of your business, ” said Nigel Foote, General Manager for EMEA at MMA.

Presentation Overview

Digital marketing spend has a dramatic impact on sales but digital marketing effectiveness is impacted by many factors, both internal and external, meaning that digital attribution can’t be done in a silo. Offline media spend, sponsorship assets, celebrity endorsements, pricing, seasonality, competition, and so on – there’s an endless mixture of synergies that impact on and are impacted on by digital and social media spend. The right attribution approach needs to take account of all these non-digital factors to be successful.

‘Typical’ approaches to digital attribution are often applied and used in a silo – when companies actually need to see attribution across all tactics, whether offline or online as part of Commercial Effectiveness. A Full Customer Attribution approach can radically transform business performance since it accurately reflects the complete business ecosystem, incorporating offline marketing and sponsorships (non-traceable), operational factors and critical external factors such as weather or the economy.

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