MMA Supports Ipsos Foundation to Support Education for Disadvantaged Children Worldwide

Ipsos and MMA are dedicated to supporting education for disadvantaged children worldwide. MMA is honored to make a significant donation to the Ipsos Foundation in the name of each of our clients in the United States and Canada to help rebuild a school in Jaubari, Nepal, which was devastated by a massive earthquake in April of 2015.

Ipsos Foundation

Nepal does not have the means to rebuild on its own, so the need continues to be desperate and widespread. More than 32, 000 classrooms across Nepal were erased by the earthquake, and many more suffered damage. MMA is contributing to the Ipsos Foundation to promote the education of disadvantaged children around the world. Working with the Ipsos Foundation and members of the MMA team, we chose to help the Shree Paropakar Adarsha School because of the profound devastation in its area and its highly progressive free-to-all policy, which will help ensure that as many children as possible benefit from this effort.

This February work began to build an earthquake-proof, ten classroom block, with toilets, a playing field and a staff room. Our contribution will help rebuild the school and equip it with whiteboards, computers, science equipment, books and stationery. In addition, contributions will provide sustaining funding until the school can operate independently.

MMA Supports Ipsos Foundation

We are proud to be an important part of supporting the Ipsos Foundation in rebuilding the hopes, dreams, aspirations and curiosities of disadvantaged children so that they can grow and flourish.  Ultimately it is the work that we do with you, our clients, that enables us to support these children.  I invite you to see and share in the value you are enabling by taking a brief walk through what we are accomplishing together at




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