Defining the Optimal Mix of Marketing Investments for Pre and Post Launch

Media and entertainment companies invest a significant amount in marketing with the purpose of driving buzz and awareness pre-launch and to maximize sales while their products are in theaters and on shelves (post-launch). MMA has developed a solution for this industry that integrates attitudinal data, product attributes, product lifecycle analytics with econometrics to help key decision makers understand how, when and where to invest their marketing dollars to gain a significant return on their investment.

As a Solution for M & E

Whether the product is a new film release, a video game or a DVD, MMA has the expertise, methods and technology to address the latest business questions while providing senior executives with predictive insights to maximize their investments. MMA’s collaborative relationship with Ipsos enables the companies to align the ‘recency’ and relevance of consumer attitudes and how they are feeling now with time series-based behavioral data to better connect with consumer demand in M&E.

Tackling the Tough Business Questions

  • What is the impact (contribution) of each marketing/media tactic on Awareness and Grosses/Sales?
  • How to align media spend relative to the launch?
  • Which genres should I target and how much should I spend?
  • How to improve the execution of marketing/media?
  • What is the optimal mix of investments to drive Awareness and Sales/Grosses?
  • What role does awareness play in driving?
  • Grosses across segments?
  • How does marketing performance differ across key genres and segments?
  • What is the ROI and marginal ROI for each marketing/media vehicle?
  • What is the impact of operational and external factors on Grosses?