Optimizing & Synergizing Marketing and Sales Force Effectiveness

Understanding how to optimize B2B marketing requires a deep understanding of how to align sales and marketing to maximize the lead generation, qualification and value. MMA not only has deep experience in marketing mix and sales force optimization but also a keen understanding of consumer-based analytics that enables us to help B2B companies best align their marketing campaigns with sales force activities and teams.

As a Solution for B2B Companies

Leading B2B organizations are implementing advanced predictive analytic solutions to drive increased leads and lead conversion as well as determine what the cost and conversion rate of each lead was. Most importantly they are looking to increase the number of productive leads while improving the overall ROIs of B2B marketing strategies and/or campaigns. MMA is currently helping B2B companies to improve the effectiveness of their marketing and sales force investments by optimizing strategies/campaigns that attract and convert quality leads while retaining and growing existing customers.

Tackling the Tough Business Questions for B2B:

  • How much should we invest in marketing and the sales force?
  • How to increase conversion by moving leads through the sales funnel faster?
  • How to most effectively and efficiently move prospects to qualified leads, to customers?
  • What is the optimal mix of investments across marketing and the sales forces to drive customers across all points in the funnel?
  • How to appropriately attribute value to direct vs. indirect media?
  • What is the impact of operations factors?
  • What is the impact of external factors?
  • What-if we change our strategy? How will it impact customer acquisition, cross-sell and share?

Over the past few years, B2B organizations have been implementing programs to mature their analytics to that of B2C companies. MMA is currently helping a number of B2B companies to optimize their marketing and sales force investments and drive customers through the conversion process while increasing the value of existing customers.