MMA is a leader and one of the fastest growing companies in the rapidly growing predictive analytics and “big marketing data” space. Many of the company’s management are former Partners and executives of prestigious consulting firms.

MMA places a premium on creating material, measurable value for its clients by applying predictive analytics to solving companies every day and more strategic challenges. The company is working closely with leading Fortune 500 companies in 22 countries around the world to drive analytics into core business processes in order to improve a range of challenges related to marketing effectiveness, efficiency and productivity, brand equity, pricing and promotion and forecasting. MMA has in the 23 years created 100’s of billions of dollars in shareholder value through its high-value analytics and consulting.

Director or VP Analytics


Position Summary

MMA provides a tremendous opportunity for qualified and experienced analytic professionals to build their leadership, business management, analytics, marketing, consulting and project management skills. The company works very closely and collaboratively with their client C-Suite and executives to identify key business and boardroom opportunities that can be solved through the application of advanced, predictive analytics, software and consulting. MMA’s client engagements are typically multi-year and span our clients marketing, merchandising, finance, operations and executive teams. The focus is on solving organizations high-value opportunity areas and producing greater effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

We are looking for senior analytic executive who possesses a wide, deep and practicing understanding of analytic methodologies and approaches to work closely and collaboratively with the VP or SVP of Strategy and Client Development. This individual should be a proven expert in applying and fitting diverse analytic methodologies to problem solving in the area of marketing mix modelling, brand equity and management, price and promotion and forecasting. The candidate should be comfortable and highly confident in presenting to and engaging with clients. Also, this position requires the ability to discuss analytic methodology and approaches necessary to solve specific business issues. This professional will have a strong understanding and ability to work with the business and analytic teams to shape and manage scope, develop statements-of-work that are consistent with scope, price, capabilities and timelines, drive quality assurance and project delivery and lead/assist the team in effectively delivering multiple projects to multiple clients on a timely, accurate and complete basis.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Work with and develop successful relationships based upon trust and value-creation with senior executives within key clients in order to create long-term, sustainable relationships
  • Effectively work with clients to diagnose solutions to key organizational challenges and develop value-based roadmaps that support the application of MMA’s analytic solutions to solve client business issues on a continuous and repeatable basis
  • Work closely with internal MMA management and teams to scope, deliver and successfully implement client solutions.
  • Work with client and internal teams to translate data and model results into tactical and strategic insights that are complete, accurate, relevant, understandable and applicable to client businesses and needs. Present to and work with clients to integrate recommendations into business processes.
  • Work with internal team to provide coaching, training, mentoring, inspiration and developmental guidance for their careers in a manner that supports team and company growth and profitability.
  • Work with team and operations to maximize project delivery quality, timeliness and efficiencies in order to deliver high-value and relevant insights to our clients as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Grow existing client businesses and relationships while working with key MMA executives to cultivate and develop new clients.
  • Participate as a part of the management team in driving the innovation, product and development agenda.

Skill Requirements:

MMA has been a leader in driving innovative analytic solutions for 23 years. In the past two years MMA has grown 32% and over 50%, respectively. Candidates need to be able to work and thrive in an evolving, growth-oriented business focused on winning and adding measurable, material value to our clients business. Ideal candidates will have strong skills in data management with an emphasis on analytic related projects, exemplary focus on quality management, attention to detail and a commitment to project and data excellence.

Key Prerequisite Skills

Qualified candidates preferred to have the following skills:

  • 10+ years of experience of proven leadership in analytics and in working with cross-functional internal and client teams.
  • Advanced degree in mathematics, statistics, economics, or applied sciences.
  • A deep and broad understanding of core and emerging analytics methods and approaches and how they can be deployed to drive value within and across client organizations, with primary focus areas including marketing mix modelling, pricing and promotion, brand equity management and forecasting.
  • A strong understanding of media and emerging media and applicable analytics is essential
  • Ability to think critically and manage to superior level of results. The ability to effectively analyze, review, diagnose and quality check modelled results is essential.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and in a partnerial manner with a senior team executive and analytic team to produce cohesive, well-thought out, value-based presentations for clients.
  • A diverse mix of data management and analytic vertical experience, including a mix of retail, pharma, financials/banking, insurance, durable goods, B2B, automotive and CPG is preferred.
  • Advanced skills in analytic software tools including SAS, R, SPLUS as well as a strong understanding of statistical methodologies and approaches that are often used in marketing mix modelling, pricing and promotion, brand equity analysis and forecasting.
  • Outstanding work ethic, passion for the business and team and a mental flexibility to help design and develop the right practical solution in order to create high-value deliverables in a timely, accurate and complete manner for our clients

Growth Opportunities:

MMA is an established analytic leader and is growing rapidly. Opportunities for advancement of skilled, committed professionals include:

  • Advanced roles in Analytics
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • VP/SVP roles in Global Client Management
  • VP/SVP roles in Strategic Consulting
  • VP/SVP roles in Marketing & Business Development

About MMA

MMA is a leading global analytics company that provides Fortune 500 organizations with forward looking, predictive solutions that drive continuous, repeatable and incremental value. The company was founded in 1989, pioneering the commercialization of marketing mix modeling, and through their innovative analytic methodologies and approaches, management of “big marketing data”, predictive software and high-value consulting, MMA has helped companies generate billions of dollars in incremental returns. MMA is headquartered in Norwalk, CT and is a part of leading global custom market research company Ipsos, who has major offices in over 80 locations worldwide.

If this position description is in synch with your next career move and you would like to be considered please send your resume to Lisa Foster ( 203-849-3763