MMA’s partnership with Ipsos provides us with unprecedented global reach and the ability to work collaboratively with our clients in over 80 countries where Ipsos offices are located. Currently MMA is working directly with clients in 24 countries.

MMA works closely with the local Ipsos teams in each market to support value-creation for our global client base. Our ability to work within in-country offices and on-site at our clients enables them to understand each phase of the project and most importantly, the questions that will be answered and value that will be created.

Typical areas of collaboration and synergy include:

  • Consultative on-site discovery with key business and data stakeholders to determine what questions need to be answered and what data is available to answer them
  • Data identification and collection
  • Gathering of local market and client business context
  • Review of approach, methodology and modeled outputs to optimize understanding of what the analytics will produce
  • Local project management collaboration and support
  • Language translation and presentation support
  • Integration of market research data (consumer attitudinal and brand metrics) with predictive modeling (marketing mix models) to enable both short-term and long-term decision support and strategy development