“It’s not the will to win but the will to prepare that makes the difference.”
– Paul “Bear” Bryant

MMA uses internal and external training initiatives to provide its people unprecedented training and skill development opportunities both in analytic “hard” skills as well as in the “softer” set of competencies related to business consulting, value-creation and leadership development. Through the creation of MMA University we have defined the critical mix of analytic, business, leadership and industry skills necessary for people to successfully grow and develop their careers. We are committed to have the best trained, skilled and prepared team in the industry. Here is a sample of the types of training we provide at MMA University.

“Hard” skill trainingMMA Training

Courses that have already been offered

  1. Overview of Marketing Mix Methodologies
  2. Introduction to Programming in R
  3. SAS Basics I
  4. SAS Basics II
  5. SAS Intermediate I
  6. Basics of Optimization
  7. Multiplicative Functional Forms
  8. Introduction to Ridge Regression
  9. Basic Data Quality Assurance

Courses offered

  1. Hierarchical Mixed Models – Technical Introduction
  2. Logistic Regression
  3. Overview of Forecasting Methodologies
  4. Working in a Growth Environment (Conducted by Focused Consulting)
  5. Managing in a Growth Environment (Conducted by Focused Consulting)
  6. Impactful Presentation Skills (Conducted by Focused Consulting)
  7. Managing the Client Experience and Impactful Presentation Skills (Conducted by Focused Consulting)
  8. Managing the Client Experience (Conducted by Focused Consulting)

“Soft” competencies development

  • Leveraging Analytics to Drive Client Value, specific to client verticals
  • Connecting and Enabling Value within the Business Process
  • Presentation Skill Development (includes video tape analysis) and individual coaching
  • Managing for Success in a Growth Environment
  • Leadership Training 101 – 300