NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/

Marketing Management Analytics, (Ipsos MMA), an Ipsos Company, and a leader in helping companies understand and optimize the value of their marketing, digital media, social media, salesforce, operations, product, pricing and promotion investments, today announced that through an ongoing collaboration with Swarovski’s Consumer Goods Business, they are addressing one of the largest marketing measurement challenges in the industry by deploying a Unified Customer Attribution global capability across North America, EMEA and APAC. This capability provides clients with not only the ability to measure and predict the sales impact of traditional marketing variables but also digital media programming at the most granular levels.

“A holistic optimization of our marketing and media investments is critical for steering our marketing performance on a global scale,” said Alex Schellenberger, SVP Marketing Management at Swarovski CGB.

“The Ipsos MMA team is partnering with our global and local teams in our key countries to establish a unified marketing measurement and optimization capability by addressing the unique data, analytic and change management challenges in our omni-channel world,” confirms Clemens Pirker, VP Intelligence CGB.

“We are working collaboratively with cross-functional teams globally and locally to develop a holistic capability that evaluates traditional, digital, social and personalized media within the context of all business drivers including operations, external factors and brand metrics. By doing so, we are gaining buy-in and driving the activation of results,” said Douglas Brooks, Executive Vice President at Ipsos MMA. “In too many cases, companies measure the impact of marketing, media and key business drivers in individual silos. As a result, when you add the silo-based results together, it can equal 150% of the business which leads to internal debate, challenges related to gaining cross-functional buy-in and limited to no usage. Through our partnership with Swarovski’s Consumer Goods Business we are addressing this important industry measurement challenge,” said Mr. Brooks.

Through the Unified Customer Attribution solution, clients like Swarovski CGB can address important strategic and tactical objectives, including:

  • Optimize media to drive omni-channel business performance objectives down to the channel, message, ad format, device, timing and customer segment level, balancing broad media with personalization on a weekly basis
  • Determine optimal investment levels for each country across North America, EMEA and APAC
  • Establish media planning best practices to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all paid and owned marketing and media channels
  • Understand and respond to the impact of a holistic range of business drivers including operational factors, external factors and marketing on an ongoing basis

“We are implementing a unified measurement solution that focuses on the unique business needs across global markets while being flexible in order to address the important data challenges in each country,” said Robert Cardarelli, SVP of Ipsos MMA. “Overcoming the constantly evolving data landscape and challenges globally required a collaborative effort between the Ipsos MMA and Swarovski teams. We are excited about this innovative program and the value it represents for Swarovski’s Consumer Goods Business globally.”

Learn more about Ipsos MMA’s Unified Customer Attribution capability and the Activate Unified Marketing Planning Platform.

CONTACT: Lisa Foster, Ipsos MMA, Inc., VP | Marketing & New Client Engagement, 203-849-3763, (m) 203-856-7303