Our History

It’s All About the Journey

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

– Peter Drucker

Ipsos MMA, Inc. (MMA) was established in 1989 as one of the first companies to commercialize marketing mix modeling. As an industry leader in the areas of Marketing Mix ROI and Optimization for over 30 years, Ipsos MMA is renowned for the billions of dollars in incremental value it has created with Fortune 500 companies through its holistic unified marketing measurement and optimization solutions and services, including data harmonization and management, marketing mix modeling, multi-touch attribution, performance management tracking and optimization, scenario planning, pricing and testing. Ipsos MMA has led the industry in developing a comprehensive and rich set of industry performance benchmarks spanning decades of history that augment the forward-looking insights the analytics provide. The company has successfully completed brand and business building value in almost every industry sector, on thousands of brands, spanning 50+ countries.

Ipsos MMA’s history has been punctuated by strategic investments and partnerships beginning with Aegis in 2001 with whom MMA established a leading position in the optimization of media planning and execution. In 2008 MMA was aligned with Synovate where rich sets of consumer attitudinal data were linked to behavioral data sets to provide a more comprehensive overview of the consumer as well as the long-term effects of marketing on the brand. The “recency” and relevance of attitudinal insights married with behavioral-based analytics has provided clients unprecedented and actionable insights into marketing and product decision-making. In 2010 a new management team and Hunting Ridge, LLC acquired a stake in MMA with the objective to significantly improve the speed, versatility, actionability and value of the offerings. Key to this was creating a level of accuracy and predictability that enabled executives to trust their multi-million and in some cases billion-dollar decisions to MMA.

In 2018 Ipsos completed the acquisition of MMA from Hunting Ridge, LLC, forming Ipsos MMA. This combined the leading provider of unified marketing measurement and optimization with the leading global market research firm, Ipsos, creating significant value and synergies for Ipsos MMA’s clients.

Since 2010 Ipsos MMA has grown over 400%.