Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution Program Features

To effectively measure the impact of current executions and understand how future marketing programs would perform a holistic measurement program is a must. Things like price, promotion, operational and macro-economic factors, weather, seasonality and competition all potentially impact the effectiveness and ROI of marketing activities.

This holistic approach goes far beyond a media mix model. Ipsos MMA’s Unified Marketing Measurement Platform provides companies with a “customer attribution” approach with the means to not only understand the effectiveness of on and offline variables and campaigns, but allows for a complete view into the synergies, attribution and halo effects of other marketing and non-marketing components.

Learn More About the Features and Enhancements of Our Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-Touch Attribution Solutions:

  • Demand Signals: This industry leading advancement will enable companies to measure any media execution or marketplace situation in a ‘live and always on’ manner, capturing potential impacts and interactions in real-time, enabling companies to be more agile and make informed and accurate decisions based upon evolving consumer demand and marketplace conditions.
  • Brand Equity & Long Term ROI: Complementing our marketing mix solutions with brand funnel analytics, we provide clients with both a short-term consumer perspective as well as a longer-term view into how marketing and media is impacting business drivers.
  • Promotion Effectiveness: To plan, execute and optimize successful promotional campaigns, marketers need insight into how timing, depth and length of discount, frequency of promotion, inventories and a variety of other items come into play, including the impact of marketing, operational and product investments.
  • Salesforce Optimization: Staying ahead of competition and a rapidly changing marketplace requires executives to continuously evolve and optimize their sales model – from sales staff, to call frequency, to onsite visits. To drive higher sales, these companies must not only optimize the size of their sales force, but also align the team’s efforts to focus on the most responsive and profitable opportunities, limiting efforts toward less profitable targets.
  • Customer Segmentation: One of the enablers behind this capability is Ipsos MMA’s rapid modeling platform. This platform is capable of quickly producing thousands of client and business specific models that capture the direct and indirect effects of marketing investments using customer and customer segment level data.

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