A consultative approach to every engagement ensures continuous internal assimilation and expansion in order to increase incremental value and revenue

Data, predictive models and ROIs are ingredients to creating value through MROI solutions. Ipsos MMA’s experienced consulting team works closely and collaboratively with clients to identify key issues and challenges, develop MROI roadmaps to maximizing program value and adoption, creating direct paths to driving incremental revenue.

Our consultants work with clients to ensure program understanding, trust, ownership and adoption in order to help companies drive real, measurable, incremental revenue from the engagement.  Some of the supporting high-touch, consultative areas include:

  • Discovery: an upfront executive and stakeholder touchpoint with the teams to identify key program KPIs, objectives, needs, expectations, concerns, timing issues and value-points. It includes an evaluation of the data and alignment around the confidence-levels for driving the desired results.
  • Data Strategies: Gain understanding of required data sets necessary to answer important business decisions on an on-going basis. Develop strategies to enable data-driven decision-making.
  • Roadmap Development: Creation of short and long-term implementation roadmaps up-and-down and across the organization. Determination of ease-of-implementation, timing and value for each phase.  Benchmark assessment of client capabilities versus the industry and “best practices”.
  • Change Management: Collaboratively work with companies to drive understanding, usage and help integrate data-driven analytics into organizational processes for faster, more efficient, insightful value
  • Simulation, Optimization & War Gaming: Hands-on working sessions with stakeholders to identify optimal future plans, potential revenue and operating profit implications and implementation strategies and tactics
  • Testing, Measurement and Evaluation of Implementations: Insights and recommendations are assimilated into an action plan. Ipsos MMA works closely with marketing teams to implement, test and evaluate the effectiveness of the tests.  Results are reviewed, value calculated and played back to the organization to drive continued trust and adoption.
  • Strategy Recommendations: Detailed strategy recommendations delivered to key stakeholder groups and external partners.
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“Ipsos MMA’s measurement offering is based on its consulting-led engagement model backed by deep technology capabilities. By offering consistently capable services and technology alongside a high-touch, always-on delivery model, Ipsos MMA aspires to not only help clients optimize marketing performance but also to drive broader business outcomes.”

Ipsos MMA provides its clients with an end-to-end consultative process from the upfront discovery, through data collection, integration and management, modeling and implementation/testing of results.  The objective is to initiate continuous internal assimilation and expansion in order to increase the incremental value and revenue the program drives.


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