Optimizing marketing investments across brands, nameplates, geographies and customer segments

Predictive marketing analytics to drive measurement and planning capabilities across Brands and Nameplates, including Paid Media, Marketing and Incentive allocation decisions

Driving Better Profits in Automotive

Understanding the role of each marketing vehicle in moving consumers along the path to purchase is an on-going challenge for automotive companies. MMA’s analytic approach and framework has been adopted by some of the largest global automotive brands to measure and optimize their marketing investments across Brands, Nameplates, Geographies and Consumer Segments.

An Automotive Marketing Strategy Analysis Solution

Automotive companies face a number of unique marketing challenges, coupled with extensive and powerful external drivers of demand. To begin with, the automotive purchase cycle is typically much longer than for most other household purchases. This longer cycle increases the importance of striking the right mix of short-term, sales-oriented messaging and channels, vs. long-term, brand-focused marketing investments. Lower-funnel initiatives, most notably Incentive programs for Customers and Dealers, are constantly evolving and costly to execute. Generally taking the form of Financing, Leasing and Cash Back programs, Incentives are continuously offered, thus making it difficult to discern their ability to drive new versus repeat purchases. Major non-marketing and external challenges include pricing, tariffs, economic conditions, fuel prices, innovation and an intense competitive environment. All of these factors combine to create one of the most complex ecosystems and purchase cycles among industries. At MMA, we are well-versed in designing, building and executing analytic frameworks that capture all of these complexities to help Automotive OEMs better understand the impact of Marketing across all levels of their business.

Tackling the Tough Business Questions:

  • How do I optimize investments to drive consumers along the path to purchase?
  • What is the optimal timing and flighting of marketing investments to maximize sales?
  • Am I accurately targeting nameplate-specific marketing to the right consumers?
  • What is the optimal mix of Brand vs. Nameplate marketing investment for my portfolio?
  • What is the right mix of National and Local marketing?
  • How should I allocate my Tier 1 and Tier 2 media across channels to achieve my goals? How effective is my Tier 3 media and are their lessons learned I can pass on to my dealer partners?
  • Which incentives perform best at driving traffic? Unit sales? Profitability?
  • Are dealer incentive programs driving long-term incremental volume?
  • What is the right balance of brand and retail messaging?
  • How does my marketing impact brand loyalty and retention?
  • What is the role of digital media, social media, and other emerging media in driving funnel progression?
  • How effective are sponsorships, auto shows, other events and experiential marketing tactics?
  • Can I quantify the impact of public relations or market shock events, such as a recall?
  • What is the impact of product innovation and how should I optimize my marketing investments between supporting innovation vs. legacy nameplates?
  • Am I capturing all available demand signals to accurate gauge brand health?
Forrester Wave Report Q3 2023

Automotive Analytics Optimization

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