Brand Equity & Long Term ROI

Improve Long-Term Brand Equity and Short-Term Sales

What Creates the Imbalance Between Short- and Long-Term Success?

Numerous scenarios can lead to prioritizing short term thinking – recessions, pandemics, failing to hit financial targets – but Ipsos MMA has identified three common factors that contribute to this misstep, putting brand health in jeopardy:

  1. Many companies have not established a standard approach or ‘best practice’ for measuring and managing both short-term and long-term marketing ROI.
  2. Marketers are eluded by understanding the financial value of a change in a brand KPI and regularly disrupt the brand value discussions between CMOs and CFOs.
  3. Companies are struggling to quantify and influence the key levers required to drive consumers through the optimal brand pathway.

Eliminating the Imbalance to Insure Brand Equity

To resolve the issues standing in the way of greater marketing ROI, companies are implementing an advanced marketing mix modeling approach. With this approach companies that once struggled to find a successful balance between brand building and promotional advertising are now transforming their marketing planning and gaining significant value in the form of improved marketing ROI, sales and profit while protecting brand health.

Consumer data with predictive analytics allows Ipsos MMA to integrate brand KPIs into our marketing mix models. This modeling approach that incorporates a variety of data including brand tracking data or search queries provides companies with a unique view of the long-term impact of their marketing strategies that complement their short-term decision making.

Some of the largest Fortune 500 companies incorporate this innovative approach to achieve their immediate sales and profit objectives and drive the critical brand KPIs required to ensure long-term growth and overall brand health.

How does each Marketing Channel and Campaign Impact Brand Equity KPIs and Sales?

  • How do companies use predictive analytics to balance short term and long-term marketing investments?
  • What is the impact of all business drivers on brand KPIs and sales?
  • How does a change in brand KPIs lead to changes in other brand KPIs and consumer behavior?
  • Which metrics are the emerging leading indicators for the business?
  • What is the financial value (ROI) of a change in brand KPIs?
  • What is the right mix of marketing investments to drive brand objectives?
  • How does word of mouth and social media drive intent and sales?
  • How does search reflect intent and impact on sales and retention?
  • What will be the future impact of a change in the marketing and messaging strategy?

The following two components address these questions:


Detailed brand tracking measures from consumer surveys, and unique combinations of ongoing social media/search trends analysis aligned to brand, are used as data sources. These sources are used to help establish brand KPIs, financial metrics and establish long-term ROI for each marketing channel and campaign.

Through the combination of this analysis and Ipsos MMA’s Activate marketing simulation and optimization platform, marketers and their agency partners are able to build marketing and media plans that achieve both short-term and longer- term financial objectives.


Our benchmarks can be applied for those brands without sufficient tracking data.  These benchmarks are derived from Ipsos MMA’s extensive global norms: across sectors, over global markets – built-up over years of experience.

Marketing Mix and Brand Equity Solution Deliverables

Complementing our marketing mix solutions or our unified approach to MTA with brand funnel analytics, we provide clients with both a short-term consumer perspective as well as a longer-term view into how marketing and media is impacting brand KPIs.

Consultative Discovery & Value Proposition:

Understanding not only the short-term effects of marketing but the longer-term impact is essential and for some clients a new learning outcome from the marketing mix. Ipsos MMA works closely during its discovery and implementation processes to ensure our clients understand the value proposition related to both.

Predictive Statistical Models:

Models that integrate brand funnel and behavioral data project short and long-term impacts of media.

Integrated Marketing Data Management Platform:

A rich set of data is collected, cleansed and harmonized in a powerful database that acts not only as a modeling and analytic platform for the ROI analysis, but also as a database for developing rich and insightful business reporting.

Experienced Consultative Support & Value:

Partner-level insights from experienced marketing analytics consultants work collaboratively with clients to transform the brand health metrics and predictive insights into value creation.

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