Ipsos MMA is committed to enabling our clients to achieve significant brand and marketplace advantages by synergistically leveraging unified marketing & commercial measurement and optimization services, data management platform, software and consulting to drive consistent, incremental value that grows our clients’ revenue and operating profits.

This value will be achieved while working closely and collaboratively with our clients in order to assure the work is fully understood, consistently “done right the first time” and aligned to solve our clients’ business challenges for both the short and long term reaching far beyond just marketing ROI analysis. We are here to support higher revenue growth and competitive advantage for our clients. To this we are committed with the full understanding that the value we are able to create for MMA is directly derived from the value we create for our clients.

Our Committment to Value Creation

Our client partners work with us in order to achieve meaningful, measurable incremental value that translates directly into incremental financial gain. That is our primary objective. We work with our clients to identify their key business issues and opportunities and create a roadmap to value for them to address them.

Our Products

Our clients apply our unified and predictive analytics to create incremental, measurable value in order to gain sustainable advantages and win in the marketplace. By working with and integrating what we do into our clients’ business processes and seeking to solve problems versus merely provide capability, we deliver relevance and value to the brand, in the board room and to the shareholders.

Our People

We recruit and develop the best talent in the industry to support our client partners and our transformation-minded agenda. Talented people thrive on innovation, community and the ability to actively contribute to the thought leadership that will shape the industry for the foreseeable future. We provide such an environment for our people and clients alike. We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect as we work to produce superior results. We endeavor to move quickly with a strong bias toward action, results and consistently high performance.

Our Culture

At Ipsos, we take individual responsibility for promoting change in the world. This process begins from within. It begins by hiring diverse talent and motivating each individual to the fullest of his or her potential. We believe that the best way to motivate is to empower. Learn more about how Ipsos empowers all employees to embrace themselves, their uniqueness, and their innovative ideas.

Our Commitment

Organizations are coming under an increasing amount of pressure to do business more sustainably. As a result, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) considerations are now a key part of companies’ strategic plans and roadmaps. At Ipsos we leverage research specialisms and cross-sector expertise to understand governments, businesses, and citizens to inform better decision making when it comes to all aspects of ESG. Learn more about Ipsos’ current ESG practices and programs.

Our Quality Delivery

Our global delivery operations and processes exceed industry standards. Attention to detail, rigorous quality assurance, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and value-added insights are paramount in our operating model. High-performance standards, evaluation and quality assurance processes are employed on each project and with each client. We solicit feedback from our clients to drive continuous improvement so that we can grow together through our mutual successes.

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