Consumer Electronics

Measuring and optimizing marketing and promotions to drive more sales and profits

Driving stronger marketing performance and business growth across the highly competitive Consumer Electronics landscape
Ipsos MMA has been measuring the impact of marketing and other drivers for some of the largest global Consumer Electronics brands since our inception.

Over our 30+ year history, we have developed proprietary methods for capturing the mid- to long-term effects of media, while balancing it with measurement of price and promotion impacts, to help our clients form investment strategies for their global brands.

As a Solution for Consumer Electronics

Marketing in the Consumer Electronics industry presents a wealth of challenges, including intense competition, short product lifecycles and annual launches, significant variance in pricing across brands and product tiers, highly seasonal sales periods for sub-categories and heavy reliance upon retailer partnerships (while balancing ever evolving ecommerce channels). To address this myriad of obstacles, Ipsos MMA deploys a highly customized approach to analytic development, specific to the client, sub-category and geography. After all, mobile phones, TVs, headphones and home sound systems all fall under the umbrella of Consumer Electronics, but they are all highly unique.

With that, the Ipsos MMA approach focuses on customizing analytic dimensions that match specific client’s needs, and defining unique measurement approaches to account for price and promotion, in-store activities, marketing/media planning and budget allocation/optimization, brand health and forecasting. At Ipsos MMA, we can model Consumer Electronic brands at any response level, including brand, product, or price tier, as well across consumer segments, retailers and geographies. We are also uniquely positioned with our deep relationships and experience with retailers to collect and manage the significant data that is necessary to conduct high-value analytics, including store-level models, in order to provide the most granular level of analytic measurement possible.

Tackling the Tough Business Questions

  • What is the optimal marketing budget and mix of activities to drive unit sales, revenue, profit and brand health?
  • How effective is multi-channel marketing?
  • What is the ideal mix of marketing across my product portfolio?
  • What is the halo impact of product and brand advertising, and how should that impact resource allocation decisions?
  • What is the halo impact of media investment across strategic price categories (premium, non-premium)?
  • Is my media optimally flighted to support new product launches, or are there opportunities to improve marketing’s impact via flighting optimization?
  • Is my budget properly allocated between pre-holiday, holiday and non-holiday time periods?
  • How can I leverage co-op investment (by retailer) to more effectively plan on my budget allocation?
  • What is the impact of media at each point in a consumer’s path to purchase?
  • What is the right mix to drive wholesale, owned retail and e-commerce sales? Are some paid media channels more effective/efficient in driving sales via certain sales channels?
  • What are the effects and/or synergies between traditional and digital media?
  • How can I identify price gaps and thresholds? How are recent consumer attitudes impacting on my marketing and pricing strategies?
  • What is the impact of in-store activities and promotions?
  • What is the effect of owned and earned media?
  • How do environmental, competitive and economic factors impact sales?