Learning & Development

On a constant path toward growth, company-wide 

Whether as a student, instructor, or both, every member of the team is enrolled in MMA University, following a continuous path of learning and development.

The opportunities MMA provides are unique within the predictive analytic industry, and include:

  • Structured business consulting training
  • Formal classes in analytic skill building
  • Leadership and Management skills development
  • Mentoring by industry experts
  • Ongoing feedback and career development discussions

The core curriculum at MMA University includes a critical mix of analytic, business, leadership and industry skills necessary for our team to successfully grow and develop their careers. We are committed to having the best-trained and most optimally skilled team in the industry.

Courses include:

  • Overview of commercial mix methodologies
  • Basics of Optimization
  • Pricing and Analytics
  • Brand Funnel Analysis
  • Overview of Segmentation and Clustering
  • Machine Learning Techniques
  • Leadership Skills
  • New Manager Training
  • Impactful Presentation Skills
  • Managing for Success in a Growth Environment
  • Client Project Management
  • Strategic Sales
  • Storytelling
  • Listening and Consulting Skills

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