Ipsos MMA's Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization

Integrating holistic Marketing Mix Models with Agile Attribution to enable monthly to weekly marketing planning, simulation & optimization

Driving Better Decisions and Financials with Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization

In today's dynamic world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve and making well-informed decisions is at the cornerstone of business success. Marketers now require swifter, more precise, future-proofed insights to drive rapid decision-making.

Ipsos MMA's Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization is a unique solution that enables marketers to assess the incrementality of their marketing strategies down to the campaign, publisher, placement, and individual creative levels. As Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence becomes more critical to drive model accuracy, insights, and efficiency across multiple measurement approaches, Ipsos MMA has evolved conventional marketing mix models to integrate granular data, automated testing, and benchmarks that are used to validate results as well as recalibrate models for enhanced, even more accurate, future prediction.

The result is greater financial value for brands, both in the short and long run.

What is Unified Marketing Measurement?

Ipsos MMA Agile MarketingUnified Measurement by Ipsos MMA integrates all marketing (paid, owned, and earned), sales financial, brand, price, promotion, operational, external, and consumer data into one comprehensive solution. This unified analytics platform empowers marketers to confidently evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing and other essential brand investments, enhancing performance through continuous re-optimization, targeting and experimentation.

The solution, Agile Attribution, marries traditional marketing mix modeling, advanced machine learning/AI techniques, and rapid in-market incrementality testing. Connecting these methods through a proven and client validated process enables our client partners to triangulate a source of truth across multiple measurements, ensures incrementality, obtains highly granular and automated insights into their partners, and creates future realistic scenarios by incorporating dynamic Demand Signals.

Ipsos MMA's Demand Signals leverages multiple, real-time data streams (‘Signals’)  in an innovative machine learning-based approach that simulates real-time changes in economic and category conditions and their potential impact on consumer demand.

By employing AI/ML to continuously update the underlying Unified Measurement Models using data categorization and streamlined model ops, this capability delivers actionable insights "at the moment," allowing marketers to optimally allocate and re-allocate investments across channels and within channels to drive profitable growth.

With third-party cookies nearing their demise, the rise of first-party data signals in the digital buying ecosystem has presented new opportunities to use consent-driven, compliant data to improve programmatic media buys. By maintaining an agnostic approach to ingest, align, and analyze reliable ID-level data rooted in next best actions among truly incremental audiences, we have connected to various DSPs across the web to unlock both cost efficiency and incremental conversion growth. It used to be that automated activation recommendations were a pipe dream for measurement providers given the noise with third-party data signals. Now with a first-party approach, our client brands have improved audience quality, including frequency and reach management and creative asset optimization.

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“Ipsos MMA delivers premium unified measurement through a business optimization lens. Ipsos MMA’s measurement offering is based on its consulting-led engagement model backed by deep technology capabilities. By offering consistently capable services and technology alongside a high-touch, always-on delivery model, Ipsos MMA aspires to not only help clients optimize marketing performance but also drive broader business outcomes.”

The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement And Optimization Solutions, Q3 2023

Case Study: Empowering Strategic Marketing Decision

 A client example of Ipsos MMA's Agile Attribution in action highlights the impact it has on their business: Ipsos MMA provided insights and optimization recommendations for a major telecom provider. Our solution optimized the mix within each marketing silo of media, product, and promotional offers and in combination across all three levers at a DMA level. The Agile optimization yielded a potential 10% month-over-month increase in gross additions with neutral spending.

Ipsos MMA Agile Marketing Case Study

Having now deployed Unified Marketing Measurement across 80+ Fortune 1000 companies Ipsos MMA clients have seen on average:

  • 24% increase in marketing-driven sales and ROI
  • 18% reduction in data costs by prioritizing high-value audiences
  • 15% improvement in long-term brand building through better balance between upper and lower funnel

These results speak volumes about Ipsos MMA’s Agile Attribution’s effectiveness in enhancing strategic marketing decision-making and the positive impact on investments.

ACTIVATE: A Robust, Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization Platform:

Ipsos MMA’s Marketing Measurement and Optimization platform, Activate, provides clients with a trusted, dynamic, powerful, unified solution for identifying and optimizing spend in an accurate, real-time manner. Insightful reporting provides clients with a rich history of marketing campaign performance and recommendations for future implementation.

Explore Activate Use Cases >

Consultative discovery and value proposition:

Collaborative sessions are conducted with key business stakeholders to identify critical issues they seek to solve. Problems are identified, an analytical roadmap is developed, and a data strategy is executed that aligns with organizational objectives.

Experienced consultative support and value:

Count on partner-level insights from experienced executive-level consultants.  Working collaboratively with clients, they assimilate the predictive insights into ongoing business processes that support value creation.

Global Industry Expertise and Experience:

Ipsos MMA supports Agile Attribution today globally across a variety of industries, including: Apparel, auto, B2B, consumer electronics, CPG/FMCG, financial services, pharma, retail, restaurant, technology, telco and others.

For more information on Ipsos MMA’s Agile Attribution solution please contact us.


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