Ipsos MMA's Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization

Integrating holistic Marketing Mix Models with Customer Attribution to enable real-time planning & optimization

Driving Better Decisions and Financials with Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization

With the continued enrichment of first-party data, the growth of innovative technologies such as customer data platforms (CDPs), advancements in AdTech IDs, and the always-expanding media landscape, engagement with customers is more real-time and targeted than ever before.

As a result, marketers need faster and more accurate measurement to drive rapid decision-making. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence-based data ingestion and media mix modeling, combined with best-in-class change management processes, Ipsos MMA’s Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization solution is continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s marketers.

What is Unified Marketing Measurement?

Ipsos MMA’s Unified Measurement integrates all marketing, operational, external, and consumer data into a single measurement solution. Providing a single unified analytics platform enables marketers to confidently assess the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing investments and further improve performance via optimization.

Our holistic approach combines Marketing Mix with advanced Customer Attribution, leveraging real-time dynamic data streams via Ipsos MMA’s proprietary Demand Signals algorithm. Utilizing AI to update the underlying analytics, this unique and powerful capability provides actionable, “in the moment” insights, allowing marketers to optimally allocate investments across channels, campaigns, audiences, and messages to drive profitable growth.

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“Ipsos MMA delivers premium unified measurement through a business optimization lens. Ipsos MMA’s measurement offering is based on its consulting-led engagement model backed by deep technology capabilities. By offering consistently capable services and technology alongside a high-touch, always-on delivery model, Ipsos MMA aspires to not only help clients optimize marketing performance but also to drive broader business outcomes.”

Our unified analytics solution addresses industry challenges related to cookie deprecation, device ID loss, data sparsity, and privacy requirements to help brands scale a future-proofed Unified capability on a global scale. Our clients and agency partners continuously validate it through our service model that combines best-in-class technology, data management, and consulting to drive change management, media mix optimization, and ongoing recalibration.

Ipsos MMA’s Unified Marketing Mix Modeling / Multi Touch Attribution solution enables companies to:

  • Accurately measure and value each marketing touchpoint (campaign, media channel, creative, and device) against multiple objectives and KPIs
  • Optimize all stages of the customer journey, including media, promotions, creative, salesforce, call centers, etc.
  • Target, prioritize, enhance, and build audiences to optimize communications and engagement with customers on a 1:1 basis across each phase of their unique journey
  • Identify the highest value interactions across channels, prioritizing best performance and suppressing influencers of least value
  • Combine customized analytics with benchmarks and industry-leading consultants to drive strategic and tactical allocation decisions
  • Dynamically identify and automate the delivery of the most relevant, tactical next-best-action recommendations into priority platforms based on key priorities and KPIs

What are the tactical questions that Unified Measurement and Optimization addresses with Attribution?

  • What is the optimal creative message for each customer? When and where should it be delivered to drive richer performance?
  • What is the optimal reach and frequency strategy, and how do I minimize delivery waste?
  • What are the most valuable audiences, where do I find them, and how do I ensure they receive the right message at the right time?
  • Which tactics and audiences should be suppressed and reallocated into higher performing buckets in line with business objectives?
  • What is the impact of upper-funnel marketing, and how does it drive efficiency in performance marketing? How do brand and performance marketing best work together?
  • What is the correct sequence for a specific customer to drive loyalty (or key brand health attributes), and what sequences should be used to drive new incremental customers?
  • What unique, real-time, data-informed signals indicate shifts in business or market performance? Are marketing adjustments needed to stay ahead of potential risks or inform new opportunities?
  • What is the immediate next best action by offer, tactic, message, segment, and business unit?

The Role of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Unified Analytics

Given the vast number of digital media touchpoints and interactions across a customer journey, intelligent computational capabilities are required to mine, identify and quantify the actions and opportunities that represent the most relevant value to a brand based on objectives.

AI-based models account for the network of options and combinations to quickly inform and influence future customer decision-making, including how a single interaction within a single customer journey can lead to a positive business outcome. AI recognizes changes in data patterns, learns from the data, and continuously revises recommendations to drive each customer’s next best experience.

AI and Machine Learning techniques enable Ipsos MMA to detect critical interactions between media and external factors (macroeconomic, weather, competition, etc.) and derive real-time marketing insights based on market conditions that exist at the time of execution vs. plan. Successful models need to explain the “whys” and predict and prescribe how, when, and where to connect with each customer.

Data-informed analytics are evolving rapidly. Emerging technologies, clean rooms, and privacy safe environments make the AI-driven data process a critical asset for successful Unified Measurement capabilities. An agile unified analytics solution helps translate disparate data to targetable individuals in a consent-compliant manner, driving value creation across business functions such as Marketing, IT, and Finance.

Activate: A Robust, Unified Marketing Measurement & Omni-Channel Attribution Solution

Ipsos MMA’s Marketing Measurement & Optimization platform, Activate, provides clients with a trusted, dynamic, powerful, unified solution for identifying and optimizing spend in an accurate, real-time manner. Insightful reporting provides clients with a rich history of marketing campaign performance and recommendations for future implementation.

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Consultative discovery and value proposition:

Collaborative sessions are conducted with key business stakeholders to identify critical issues they seek to solve. Problems are identified, an analytical roadmap is developed, and a data strategy is executed that aligns with organizational objectives.

Experienced consultative support and value:

Count on partner-level insights from experienced executive-level consultants. Working collaboratively with clients, they assimilate the predictive insights into ongoing business processes that support value creation.

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