The Satir Change Model and Why It has Everything to do with Predictive Analytics

By Michael Bertie, Ipsos MMA SVP Analytic Consulting

Time for a game of Jeopardy!  The category is: “Little Known Founders of Change Management”.

The answer: “Known as ‘The Mother of Family Therapy’, this American author and therapist is also responsible for creating the widely recognized Change Process Model that defines how change impacts organizations.”

Now give yourself $1,000 if you came up with the correct question, “Who is Virginia Satir?”

I readily admit that I was not familiar with Virginia Satir, until I really started studying and implementing approaches to organizational change management.  Her name may not be familiar to you either, but I am willing to bet that her Change Model will resonate: (more…)

How Automotive Industry Marketers are Energizing Sales with Marketing Analytics

By Michael Bertie, Ipsos MMA SVP Analytic Consulting

Do you remember your first experience buying a car?  I certainly do.  Within 5 minutes of introducing himself, and as if reading from a script of a bad movie, the salesman hit me with: “What can I do to get YOU in THIS car?”, as he leaned against the side of the latest showroom offering.  Needless to say, he didn’t close the deal.

Rhetoric aside, interacting with a salesperson is just one facet of the complicated auto sales cycle.  All industries feature their own set of complexities, unique ecosystems and myriad drivers of consumer demand that require the attention of Marketers.  However, few, if any, are quite as distinct and multifaceted as the Automotive industry. (more…)