Ipsos MMA Supports World Refugee Day

Ipsos MMA Supports World Refugee DayThe Ipsos Foundation is committed to the continuing education of forcibly displaced children and youth by humanitarian or natural crises. With more than half of the 20 Million global refugees being children under 18, Ipsos believes that supporting these children in particular is of paramount importance.

The Ipsos Norwalk, CT office joined Ipsos colleagues around the world on United Nations World Refugee Day on June 20th for a concerted global effort across the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia and South Africa to take action.  In partnership with Reading is Fundamental, Ipsos in the US held a children’s book drive across all 20 offices and a volunteer reading opportunity in a select few offices. The Ipsos Norwalk, CT office collected books to support displaced or refugee children’s literacy and access to books.

Reading exposes children to stories with characters who feel a range of emotions, which can help a child prepare for situations where he/she feels the same. Reading about difficult situations that are happening to characters provides a safe way for children to identify and process their emotions. Teachers and experts tell us that reading helps to reduce child anxiety and enables them to feel better prepared for the new experiences they can expect in new surroundings.

The Ipsos Norwalk Office collected 772 new books for this effort.  Ipsos MMA was proud to contribute 356 of them!

Surya Pandruvada of Ipsos MMA Presents at DTC (direct-to-consumer) National Pharmaceutical Marketing Conference

During the DTC National pharmaceutical marketing conference in Boston, April 16-18, 2019, Ipsos MMA’s Surya Pandruvada will host an education session titled, “The Next Generation of Predictive Analytics.” In this session, Pandruvada will share how Ipsos MMA has witnessed tremendous increase in DTC spend across the board, particularly among categories/disease states that typically shy away from such promotions, citing actual case studies and industry norms from a rich benchmark database. Attendees will gain perspective on and holistic measurement of the changing DTC promotion landscape along with the type of returns being seen by the target audiences for various DTC promotions.  Join this session on April 17, 2019 at 3:345PM.   Register online to attend DTC National or click here to view the entire agenda.

The Satir Change Model and Why It has Everything to do with Predictive Analytics

By Michael Bertie, Ipsos MMA SVP Analytic Consulting

Time for a game of Jeopardy!  The category is: “Little Known Founders of Change Management”.

The answer: “Known as ‘The Mother of Family Therapy’, this American author and therapist is also responsible for creating the widely recognized Change Process Model that defines how change impacts organizations.”

Now give yourself $1,000 if you came up with the correct question, “Who is Virginia Satir?”

I readily admit that I was not familiar with Virginia Satir, until I really started studying and implementing approaches to organizational change management.  Her name may not be familiar to you either, but I am willing to bet that her Change Model will resonate: (more…)