Overcoming the 5 Challenges of MTA Marketing with Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization

In the dynamic and evolving world of digital marketing, the way we measure its effectiveness is constantly changing. The advent of new technologies, the enforcement of global privacy regulations, and shifts in online media consumption patterns all influence our approach to evaluating the impact of digital marketing. Amidst these ongoing changes, there is a significantRead More

Unleashing the Power of Pharma Marketing Analytics for Successful Campaigns

The pharmaceutical industry is navigating an ever-changing landscape, where precision and efficiency are not just goals but necessities for success. In this realm, understanding the depth and breadth of pharma marketing analytics can transform your strategy and execution of marketing campaigns, ultimately leading to an increase in the value of that investment. As pharma companiesRead More

Marketing Mix Modeling in Pharma: At the Intersection of Strategic & Executable Insights

By Anup Nair, VP Analytic Consulting – Healthcare, Ipsos MMA Brand marketing teams today are requiring marketing mix modeling in pharma to produce more than the traditional “ROI” assessments. They are targeting deeper, richer “executable insights at sub-national levels” that can identify and produce incremental and measurable value. The race to capture market share amidstRead More

Navigating Media Buying in an Election Year – Key Considerations

By Lakshimi Sarju & Riya Sherchan During an election year, brands and their respective media agencies must take a thoughtful approach to their media strategies. Marketing initiatives must be aligned to fit the changing political environment. As a result, brands may need to effectively try to reach target audiences in unique ways across media. ARead More

Automotive Marketing Trends, The Role of Marketing Analytics in a Changing Industry

Written by Michael Macri The automotive industry is a capital-intensive industry layered in complexity.  From manufacturing to government regulations to wholesale distribution.  There is very little simple about it. That said, for the last century the complexities of the business were relatively stable and provided a degree of predictability.  Manufacture a product, ship it toRead More

The Current State of Marketing Mix Modeling and Marketers’ Concerns Discussed at Google SuMMMit 2024

Ipsos MMA’s Doug Brooks, EVP and Chief Client Officer, provided his expertise as a panelist at Google SuMMMit 2024 to address the challenges faced today by Marketing Mix Modeling. The thought-provoking questions discussed during the panel reflect the everyday concerns of marketers. Google hosted this summit to bring industry marketing mix modeling leaders and advertisersRead More

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Drive Success at Ipsos MMA

I am very excited about the culture we have created at Ipsos MMA where diversity, equality and inclusion for everyone represent such an important part of our foundation and success. At Ipsos MMA our strong leaders feel empowered, inspired and motivated to support each other to do their best work together for each other andRead More

Record Growth and Value Continues at Ipsos MMA: Emphasis on Experiences and Actions that Support Sustainability

Congratulations to the Ipsos MMA Team on another incredibly successful year of organic growth, innovation and exciting experiences!  Over 32% growth in ’23, 205% in the past 3-years and 631% growth since 2011! Building a great company culture that drives year over year record-breaking revenues producing measurable, incremental value to our clients while attracting andRead More

Happy 13th Anniversary of Our Transformation, Ipsos MMA

Early in 2010 a small group of people met for dinner at a tequila bar/restaurant in Connecticut. Over a few drinks, some Mexican food, and rows of pink and blue cotton candy (yes – that was a staple at the restaurant when it was there), we mapped out the marketing mix modeling industry on napkinsRead More

Unified Marketing Measurement Solutions are Delivering Stronger Top and Bottomline Gains for Brands and Marketers

The combination of skilled experts and AI/ML driven analytics are enabling marketers to leverage proven, validated unified insights to build more effective marketing plans that help transform brands and drive improved financial results   We are very excited at Ipsos MMA to have Charlie, Roopa, and Lakshimi having joined us to help shape and continueRead More