Durable Goods

Optimizing marketing investments for long purchase-cycle products

Optimizing marketing investments and ROI to drive omni-channel sales across wholesale, owned retail and ecommerce

MMA has been measuring the impact of marketing on products with long-purchase cycles for some of the largest global brands in the apparel, appliances, automotive, consumer electronics, durable goods, furniture, home improvement materials, jewelry and even real estate. Over our 20+ year history, we have developed proprietary methods for capturing the mid- to long-term effects of media and using this information to help our clients form investment strategies for their global brands.

As a Solution for Durable Goods

Typical marketing challenges in Durable Goods include price and promotion, marketing/media planning and ROI, brand health and forecasting. MMA is able to model durable goods brands at any response level, including brand, product, or promoted product group and at any geographic level in order to appropriately tackle the challenges CPG marketers face. MMA is uniquely positioned with its deep relationships and experience with retailers to collect and manage the significant data that is necessary to conduct high-value analytics with durable goods companies. MMA answers the tough questions, even those requiring specific Durable Goods custom analytics.

Tackling the Tough Business Questions

  • What is the optimal marketing budget and mix of activities to sales and profit?
  • How effective is multi-channel marketing?
  • By market and by channel? How does a longer purchase cycle impact my media plans?
  • What is the ideal mix of marketing across my portfolio?
  • What is the impact of media at each point in a consumer’s path to purchase?
  • What’s the right mix to drive wholesale, owned retail and e-commerce sales?
  • How can I be measuring marketing ROI overall and specific marketing campaigns?
  • What are the effects and/or synergies between traditional and digital media?
  • What are the roles of digital and social media?
  • How can I target consumer segments with the right media? Everyday price? Promotional tactics?
  • How can I identify price gaps and thresholds? How are recent consumer attitudes impacting on my marketing and pricing strategies?
  • How can I get the most recent insights into consumer attitudes and loyalties embedded into my analytics?
  • What is the best balance between long term and short term activities, such brand building advertising, customer loyalty programs and promotions?
  • What is the impact of in-store activities?
  • How can I link predictive analytics to my everyday business processes to get more value from them?
  • How can companies manage marketing performance on a continuous, forward-looking basis?
  • What is the ROI opportunity for operational improvements such as pricing, assortment and distribution?
  • How will environmental, competitive and economic factors impact sales?