Activate: Unified Marketing Simulation & Measurement Platform

Activate Unified Measurement Platform

Real-time marketing simulation,optimization and reporting for Marketing Mix Modeling, Multi-Touch Attribution and In-Market Testing

Activate is a Software as a Service based solution that works in conjunction with a Marketing Mix Modeling, Multi Touch Attribution or In-Market Testing Engagement.

How Activate Differs from other Marketing Analytics Solutions

Until recently, the future of Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) was still one of the largest marketing measurement challenges in the industry. Data challenges, failure of adoption, change management & activation, privacy regulations, website cookies, and other challenges have made success elusive. Outside of a few exceptions, MTA as a measurement tool has not met brands’ business needs.

Our Activate software leverages a sophisticated analytic framework within a set of easy-to-use web-based tools, addressing the traditional challenges that can act as barriers to success. For the first time, a marketing mix modeling and MTA analytics platform captures a holistic range of omni-channel business drivers, including: traditional marketing, digital and social media, operation, external factors and long-term impacts.

The result? Accurate results and validated sales predictions that can generate measurable, incremental sales and profits.

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“Ipsos MMA’s Activate application offers clients self-service access to performance tracking, reporting, scenario planning, optimization, testing, and model management.”

The Advantages of Activate to National & Global Brands

Activate enables organizations to achieve a multitude of important objectives when combined with an Ipsos MMA engagement:

  • Optimize paid media at the channel, message, ad format, placement, timing and customer segment level, balancing broad media with owned personalization channels
  • Adopt an omni-channel view of the business to understand how all marketing touchpoints drive online and offline sales
  • Target a range of media investments and personalized messages across customers, markets and products to drive revenue and profit
  • Understand and respond quickly to the impact of a holistic range of business drivers including operational factors, external factors and marketing
  • Take a customer centric view to locate and measure audience segments that drive the greatest lifetime value
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“Activate is notable for its functional breadth, market-leading collaboration features, and highly rated optimization functionality. Clients appreciate Ipsos MMA’s consultative approach, consistently described as patient, practical, and flexible.”

Features of the Activate Marketing Measurement Platform

Our marketing simulation planning tool consists of several integrated pieces of functionality, all of which are built on a robust technology platform:

  • Portfolio: Allows for marketing performance management and reporting across all relevant business dimensions.
  • Drivers: Allows users to leverage the underlying models to better understand what is driving business changes period over period.
  • Scenarios: Allows marketing stakeholders and agency partners to build forward looking “what-if” scenarios and run flexible optimizations to ensure the best possible efficiency of future marketing plans.
  • Reports: Allows access to a set of standard reports and customized reports.


Get a customized demonstration of Activate, our marketing simulation and performance software suite. We’ll walk you through your tailored demo and answer any questions you have along the way.

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Activate Unified Marketing Peformance

Experience MMA's Unified Marketing Measurement Platform

Watch a series of use cases for unified marketing measurement and optimization within the Activate platform

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Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization Platform

One set of data feeds. One analytics platform.

Activate Unified Marketing Peformance

Activate: Marketing Performance

  • Monitor and manage marketing performance and efficiency at across global and local levels
  • Build more effective plans using optimization and what-if marketing simulation tools

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Activate: Customer Attribution

  • In flight measurement across paid and owned marketing
  • Deep dive optimizations - partner, customer segment, audience
  • Optimal exposure frequency, avoid waste, audience suppression

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Activate Customer Attribution
Activate Market Testing

Activate: Market Testing

  • Design and execute small scale tests for pricing, promotion, media, assortment, operations and facility upgrade decisions
  • Use test results to estimate response and integrate into planning

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