Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization: MTA

Attribution Solutions in a silo has failed to quantify the true impact of marketing, often leading to results actioned by media planners but not connected to business outcomes.

Nowadays, marketers have adopted a customer centric omnichannel strategy to their communications planning, requiring a unified measurement approach across all touchpoints, providing a true incrementality view of their investments.

Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization enables marketers to cut through the noise that often dilutes effective media touchpoint and customer-level measurement to enable accurate attribution and real-time optimization that drives measurable in-market business performance.

Addressable marketing campaigns are constantly influenced and impacted by numerous activities.   Linear media channels, out of home, pricing and promotions, social engagement, brand experiences, local events, and even weather, can all impact the effectiveness of media and personalized marketing campaigns.

Measuring any marketing activity in a silo will produce a biased output that is more than likely incompatible for investment decision-making.  For example, take TV and digital programming.  Measure each of them separately and calculate the optimized sum of what the individual results give you.  It will likely be some extraordinary number that you’d like to believe – but common sense will speak to its impossibility.

To effectively measure the true impact of digital and most addressable media and personalized campaigns, the synergistic and attribution effects of all other marketing and customer activities need to be accounted for – as do the relevant non-marketing variables – to assess the true value of your campaigns.  We call this Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization.  By measuring addressable, targeted media programming within the context of all other exposures that are reaching customers, we can properly attribute the impact of not only digital and targeted media as a whole, but the true impact of each campaign down to the touchpoint level and calculate ROI.

Ipsos MMA’s Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization solution provides real-time, actionable insights into digital and addressable campaign effectiveness providing media planners and executives visibility into optimal investment scenarios in real time.  Dynamic reports highlight the most productive touchpoints and user-friendly tools enable planners to quickly measure, plan and activate against the most effective customers.

“Ipsos MMA understands there is no one-size-fits all solution to MTA.  It’s not as simple as integrating our data into an off-the-shelf platform. The Ipsos MMA team worked shoulder to shoulder with our analytics, marketing, and finance organization to develop, validate and deploy a platform that helps to solve our unique needs.”

- Jon Francis, Senior Vice President of Analytics at Starbucks

Starbucks | MMA Ipsos

Ipsos MMA’s Unified Marketing Measurement & Optimization solution enables companies to:

  • Accurately measure the value of each marketing touchpoint against multiple objectives
  • Optimize campaigns while in-market, course correct and shift dollars to the best performers
  • Understand and optimize which audiences drive the most value
  • Provide a granular view of tactic performance: message, placement, device
  • Target specific media touchpoints and personalized marketing strategies against specific audiences


Ipsos MMA’s Marketing Measurement & Optimization attribution platform, Activate, provides clients with a dynamic, powerful solution for identifying and optimizing addressable media and personalized marketing impact in an accurate, real-time manner.  Insightful reporting provides users with a rich history of campaign performance and recommendations into future performance – each week.

Key deliverables include:

  • Daily to weekly marketing contribution effects across multiple objectives including engagement, sales, profit – with validation plans updated on an ongoing basis
  • Interactive investment simulations and optimizations across product portfolio, customer segments, targeted audiences, marketing channels
  • Marketing interaction and touchpoint frequency reporting to balance upper funnel branding with performance channels to ensure the greatest efficiency across the purchase cycle
  • Monthly strategy workshops and playbooks that identify key opportunities to test in market and scale
  • Activation integrations with advertising and marketing technologies to inform next best actions across multiple audience targets, customer segments

Consultative discovery and value proposition:

Collaborative sessions are conducted with key business stakeholders to identify important issues they are seeking to solve by applying the unified marketing measurement and optimization results. Issues are identified and an analytical roadmap to value and data strategy is created that aligns with organizational objectives.

Powerful, real-time simulation and optimization software and scenario planning capabilities:

Ipsos MMA’s clients can conduct real-time “what if scenario” simulations as well as optimization routines across a variety of potential and planned business key performance indicators.

Predictive statistical models:

Custom client models incorporate a rich set of first-party and third-party data enabling an expedited understanding of what will happen, when, where and why based on a wide variety of optimized and simulated marketing and media programs.

Integrated marketing data management platform:

A rich set of data is collected at a granular level by Ipsos MMA’s professional data management platform. The data is collected, cleansed and harmonized in a powerful database that acts not only as a modeling and analytic platform for the ROI analysis but also as a database for developing rich and insightful business reporting across multiple 1st and 3rd party data types.

Experienced consultative support and value:

Count on partner-level insights from experienced consultants who work collaboratively with clients to assimilate the predictive insights into client ongoing business processes to support value creation.


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