As a pioneer in the marketing measurement and big-data analytics spaces, MMA is a proven leader in applying cutting edge technology to drive business performance.

We were experts in big-data before anyone called it big-data. Our experience allows us to efficiently employ the latest cloud platforms to help you scale and accelerate your marketing measurement programs.

Data Platform and Analytic Engine

Enabling near-time, always-on marketing measurement at scale is complex. It requires the continuous collection, cleansing and harmonization of huge sets of diverse data – some of which are not governed or well-structured today. To ensure the most accurate and predictive results a flexible analytic approach is required. Flexibility often means custom, and custom usually means non-repeatable, expensive and difficult to validate. Our platform solves these problems. We leverage the latest private and public cloud infrastructure to bring virtually infinite scale to marketing measurement. Our data platform is built from the ground up to work with marketing data – allowing for flexibility where required while providing speed and repeatability. Meanwhile our proprietary analytic technology uniquely combines classic Bayesian statistical techniques with machine learning approaches and heuristics gleaned from years of industry focused work to minimize turnaround time and maximize predictive accuracy.

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“Ipsos MMA’s measurement offering is based on its consulting-led engagement model backed by deep technology capabilities. By offering consistently capable services and technology alongside a high-touch, always-on delivery model, Ipsos MMA aspires to not only help clients optimize marketing performance but also to drive broader business outcomes.”


Activate is our modular unified marketing measurement and optimization platform. Modules are tailored to strategic marketers, digital planners as well as market testers, all leveraging a single unified analytic framework for consistent, accurate and holistic recommendations.

Technology is the engine that powers our ability to help clients build and scale global programs for marketing measurement and optimization. We cut through the clutter and hype and provide our clients with proven solutions that leverage best-of-breed infrastructure and platforms.



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