Data Strategy

The proliferation of touchpoint-level data has provided tremendous opportunity for customer-centric measurement. It has also raised important challenges around sourcing, resolving and storing this data while maintaining compliance with relevant regulatory regimes.

Solid analytics begins with solid data. We help our clients leverage the right partnerships and employ the right technology to identify, collect, catalogue, secure, govern and retain the data that allows for leading measurement and optimization programs.

Data Sourcing: Vendor identification and selection

  • Traditional Media
  • Digital and Addressable Media
  • Onboarding and Identify Resolution
  • Competitive Behavior
  • Global Macro Economic and Consumer Trends
  • Industry Specific Data Solutions

KPI Framework Development

Many of our clients have recognized the lack of a global set of consistent KPIs with comparable definitions and broad acceptance as a barrier to the successful deployment of innovative analytic approaches. We help our clients solve this problem through consultative work that focuses on teasing out the important business metrics from the noise, while establishing a national and cross-product portfolio set of consistent, comparable metrics. Once established, these metrics are often used as the basis for global marketing measurement programs.

Global Data Cataloging

No matter the strength of the technical architecture for data collection and harmonization – the real-world benefits of a strong data ecosystem are realized only when your key data consumers can easily identify, understand, and leverage the stored data. We help our clients identify and deploy solutions to organize and curate global repositories of data along with relevant definitions, caveats, and collaboratively sourced usage guidance.

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“The company has invested heavily in accelerating and automating data processing, expanding data offerings, integrating with activation end points, and developing agency relationships.”

Regulatory Compliance and Governance

We partner with our clients and their vendors to establish governance routines that ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks while providing a reliable, extensible and quality assured source of holistic measurement data.

Technology is the engine that powers our ability to help clients build and scale global programs for marketing measurement and optimization. We cut through the clutter and hype and provide our clients with proven solutions that leverage best-of-breed infrastructure and platforms.

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