Data, Analytics and Reporting Platform

Our data and analytic platform is the engine that powers the fastest end-to-end measurement ecosystem in the industry

Powerful Data Tools

Our data ecosystem employs a set of best-of-breed technologies to enable automation at scale while maintaining the flexibility to ingest unstructured and less then perfectly governed data sources. We employ Spark for larger and streaming data sources, a number of RDBMS solutions for aggregate data – all managed by a set of proprietary tools that make the mundane but critical tasks of managing mappings and business rules clean and simple.

Unique Analytic Toolset

We combine Bayesian statistics, machine learning techniques and business guardrails to provide a semi-automated analytic engine for analyzing both touchpoint level and aggregate data to build a unified measurement framework at scale.  Our software tests thousands of model iterations, displaying results back to the modeler in real time for immediate review.  Our systems provide consistent, repeatable and statistically rigorous results in hours instead of weeks, enabling feedback to our clients at the speed of business decisions.

Leveraging Best of Breed Technologies

Our proprietary tools sit on top of industry standard best of breed technologies including Spark, R, and Postgres, and Microsoft .NET, amongst many others.

Bespoke Reporting

Our Activate platform contains a large number of built-in reports, but we think customized reporting is one simple way to make socialization and change management easier. To facilitate this, we have grown a flexible capability for building data visualizations using a number of visualization solutions with broad adoptions – including Tableau, Qlik, Power BI among others. In many cases we can host these for you, or you can roll them out within your own environment.

Bring Your Own Cloud

In many cases, we can deploy our platform within your public cloud tenant. This can help ease regulatory and data privacy and security concerns – and can also make connections to your data sources easier.

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Activate Unified Marketing Peformance

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