Early in 2010 a small group of people met for dinner at a tequila bar/restaurant in Connecticut. Over a few drinks, some Mexican food, and rows of pink and blue cotton candy (yes – that was a staple at the restaurant when it was there), we mapped out the marketing mix modeling industry on napkins – 4 of them. On those napkins, along with a smattering of tequila, taco residue, and cotton candy, we shaped a perspective on the industry and each company in it, the future for the industry and what we could do to transform it into something bigger, better that added more discernable, transparent value to clients branded and marketing investments – the goal being to enable companies to with a high degree of confidence, optimize their marketing, operations, and sales investments.

As we closed out the evening, a new chapter opened. That night we decided to try to acquire control of the leading marketing mix provider in the industry, MMA. Nine months later, in November of 2010, we did just that.

Regrets? Just one. Wish we’d have saved the napkins of ‘sagacious’ scrawlings and scribbles connecting the ideas to potential and even eventual realities. Would have been fun to have framed them together for posterity and been able to look back on it – cotton candy, tequila, tacos and all.

So Happy 13th Anniversary of our Transformation Ipsos MMA!

In those 13-years MMA has grown organically over 600% – experiencing the fastest, strongest most profitable growth in the company’s 35-year history.  The innovation and value created has shaped the Marketing Measurement Industry for the past decade. As a result, and most importantly, Ipsos MMA has optimized over $125 billion in investments producing over $33 billion in incremental profits for client partners, becoming “THE” Trusted Marketing Investment Advisor and Partner for marketing-driven companies.

Ipsos MMA 35 Years of Leadership

Working with Ipsos, Ipsos MMA has expanded to partnering globally with clients across 32 countries in most major industry verticals. We continue that expansion. We are joined with Ipsos to integrate data, analytic and research insights so as to maximize the offerings holistic value for our collective client partners.

My congratulations and gratitude to our GREAT CLIENTS and INCREDIBLY TALENTED TEAM OF PEOPLE for helping guide, lead, direct and enable the collective successes our client partners and Ipsos MMA! Looking forward to the next 13 years!