Overcoming the 5 Challenges of MTA Marketing with Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization

In the dynamic and evolving world of digital marketing, the way we measure its effectiveness is constantly changing. The advent of new technologies, the enforcement of global privacy regulations, and shifts in online media consumption patterns all influence our approach to evaluating the impact of digital marketing. Amidst these ongoing changes, there is a significantRead More

Automotive Marketing Trends, The Role of Marketing Analytics in a Changing Industry

Written by Michael Macri The automotive industry is a capital-intensive industry layered in complexity.  From manufacturing to government regulations to wholesale distribution.  There is very little simple about it. That said, for the last century the complexities of the business were relatively stable and provided a degree of predictability.  Manufacture a product, ship it toRead More

Outlining the Optimal Agency & Marketing Measurement Vendor Approach

The Value of a Strong Relationship In our previous article we discussed how brands and agencies can evolve together to reach the ideal measurement plan that addresses critical business questions for brands. A fully Unified approach (MMM+MTA) has been undeniably proven to drive business performance and deliver value to the bottom line; implementation should beRead More

Evolution of Successful Marketing Measurement Engagements

Selecting from the Measurement Menu Relative to Brand Maturity A brand’s measurement journey is much like The Game of Life, you cannot skip ahead to the end of the game with all the best attributes and win, it is a process full of fits and starts. Just as game players need to go to college,Read More

Client Victory: When Agencies and Marketing Measurement & Optimization Partners Collaborate

This article is the first in a series of six that will discuss the client, agency, marketing measurement partner relationship. Defining the Common Goal of Agencies and Marketing Measurement and Optimization Partners Improve the performance of marketing initiatives. Succinctly, this is the goal that media agencies and marketing measurement and optimization providers have in common.Read More

Evolving your Marketing Mix Modeling Program for Recovery 2021

It’s easy to lose touch in times like these. Consumer behaviors have changed.  Some of this will be short-term while undoubtedly some changes will be longer-term. But brands will go on. Consumer preferences and loyalties will persist. How brands behave in these challenging times will  play a large role in that equation. But how  shouldRead More

How to Build a Data Strategy to Support Unified Marketing Attribution & Optimization

Establishing “Data Readiness” to Drive the Most Value from an MTA Capability By Robert Cardarelli, SVP at Ipsos MMA With all the changes in the digital and TV data landscape, the promise of standing up a robust multi- touch attribution (MTA) model has left marketers with several big questions. How do I get an attributionRead More

Measuring and optimizing media ROI in the Era of the Walled Gardens

Ensuring marketers can holistically optimize their investments by overcoming the challenges of limited data sharing By Robert Cardarelli, SVP at Ipsos MMA Too often these days, whenever you hear about multi-touch attribution (MTA) there is a LOT of doubt in the marketer’s mind as to whether it will deliver on its promise. Themes like “blackRead More

The Brand vs. Performance Media Debate

Let’s change the conversation to Brand + Performance Media equals a balanced investment strategy for short and long-term growth By Douglas Brooks, EVP at Ipsos MMA While it’s true that ecommerce sales can be directly tracked through last-click attribution metrics, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the digital performance media being measured, owns 100% responsibility forRead More