I am very excited about the culture we have created at Ipsos MMA where diversity, equality and inclusion for everyone represent such an important part of our foundation and success. At Ipsos MMA our strong leaders feel empowered, inspired and motivated to support each other to do their best work together for each other and our client partners.

When we come together as One Team it shows in our work and results. It plays out in how people feel about their jobs and each other and enables a true meritocracy where we are all able to benefit based upon what we achieve as a team.  Working hard together and leveraging our collaborative ethos, leading Unified Marketing Measurement and Marketing Mix Modeling solutions and high-performance consulting, we work toward common goals enabling us to achieve great things.  At Ipsos MMA partnering and working together is an imperative.  Supporting each other is a foundational part of working together and our success and is strongly encouraged, coached and rewarded irrespective of background, age, ethnicity, beliefs, or gender.

It shows up in our results.  Continued record growth not just for Ipsos MMA, but for our client partners as we have added more than $33 billion in incremental operating profits for our client partners.

DEI at Ipsos MMA Drives Success