Congratulations to the Ipsos MMA Team on another incredibly successful year of organic growth, innovation and exciting experiences!  Over 32% growth in ’23, 205% in the past 3-years and 631% growth since 2011!

Building a great company culture that drives year over year record-breaking revenues producing measurable, incremental value to our clients while attracting and retaining top talent isn’t easy. It requires a great and unified team. A significant part of people’s lives is spent working. However, too often the work defines the job as compared to the important connections and experiences one is able to enjoy and benefit from while making a difference to things that matter.  At Ipsos MMA we’re proud of the fact that of the management team that has been here more than 2-years, that team of 18 averages more than 13-years of working together. We believe in what we do and work together to make it happen.

Loving what you do is important. So is the environment in which you are continuously learning and being challenged. It can make good, great, and great, even greater. Most of us spend more than half our lives working.  In fact, once you back out holidays and vacations, give or take, we tend to spend more than 60% of our employed life working.  And no doubt how you feel about that likely carries over outside of work. So, it stands to reason when you “go to work” given the amount of time and emotion you’re going to invest in it, it’s important you like, and indeed love, what you do and those you do it with. It’s why Ipsos MMA has invested a significant amount of time and money in both internal, external, professional training and executive coaching.

When a few of us decided to acquire MMA back in 2010, we wanted to build a company where hard work would be a given – but so would the great experiences that would make it fun, meaningful and rewarding… as well as financially gratifying for us and for our clients. People are capable of almost anything, especially when challenged with exciting, new experiences the likes of which they’ve never imagined. Doing things you’ve never imagined in places you’ve only read about can be incredibly motivating. After all, how inspired are you after you’ve attended a meeting in a location where most of your time is spent watching the warm breezes blow and palm trees sway outside of your meeting room? How memorable is the dinner meeting when the sessions wrap after enjoying those views? When you look back at all of the meetings you’ve attended, how many can you even remember?

Ipsos MMA is different.  I’m told that all the time. As we’ve grown, we’ve tried to do things that are not only inspirational for our people and our growth but also helped inspire a greater awareness, particularly for the planet we live on. Sustainability begins with having a better understanding of what we are trying to protect, and why.  What better place to enhance and enrich that understanding than on the 12,096 pristine square miles of water of Great Bear Lake in the Arctic Circle.


Ipsos MMA Team Building Trip


Working with Chuk at Plummer’s Arctic Circle Lodges the team flew into Trophy Lodge on Great Bear Lake – one of the few remaining truly unspoiled natural environments in the world with water so pure you can drink right from the lake. Great Bear is home to giant migratory herds of caribou, eagles, wolves, bear and fish that have never seen a lure – ever. Between fresh shore lunches every day, the Northern Lights, glaciers and water so clear you can see the fish swimming below… what better place to gain an appreciation for what we want to preserve and protect and plan for our future. What an incredible experience. What a team building experience.

At the end of the trip the team met to talk about the following years trip and where they wanted to go. South Beach? Napa? Italy? It was unanimous.  Back to the Arctic!  So back to Plummer’s we went – this time to Great Slave Lake Lodge. Be different. Be inspirational.