[RECORDING] Transforming Media Planning and Activation Through Unified Marketing Measurement

[WEBINAR RECORDING I November 14, 2022]

Advanced unified marketing measurement and optimization techniques give more precise insights into the incremental value of marketing interactions, giving marketers a blueprint to guide future marketing investments.

However, marketers struggle to turn these right marketing insights into action because of internal hurdles, technology limitations, or the changing advertising ecosystem.

Listen in as Ipsos MMA's Doug Brooks together with Jennifer Peelle of Walgreens, share their case study. Expect to hear more about the application and activation of unified measurement, and applying AI and machine learning algorithms to making ongoing and continuous media decisions.

    Presented By:

    Doug Brooks, EVP at Ipsos MMA

    Doug Brooks
    EVP, Strategic Client Relationships
    Ipsos MMA

    Jennifer Peele

    Jennifer Peele
    VP, Brand Marketing