New Product Introduction Planning Leveraging Ipsos MMA Benchmarking Database

The client was looking to leverage Ipsos MMA’s robust performance benchmarking database to inform an optimal media plan supporting the launch of a new pharmaceutical brand in the coming year. Key questions answered needed to include:

  • Overall Budget and KPIs
    What are the overall budget requirements to reach launch goals?
    What is the forecasted impact on launch objectives and KPIs?
    How should multiple campaign objectives be prioritized?
  • Optimal Plan Development
    What will be the impact of a change in the budget on launch objectives (budget increase vs. budget decrease)?
    What is the impact of a specific spend level for a marketing channel or platform?
  • Media Optimization and Finalization
    What is the appropriate mix of channels/sub-channels based on launch objectives?
    What is the marginal opportunity associated with each investment?
    What is the forecasted impact of final budgets?

>> Download the case study to learn about the methodology used, key findings and results.