Insights from MMA’s Benchmark Database spanning the past few decades provide clear evidence that brands that “stay the course” in an efficient and effective manner can weather the storm and, in most cases, out-perform their competition and category as the marketplace recovers. Thomas Jefferson said: “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”. He was right. The challenge that many executives face today is the absence of fact-based data; most fall victim to what turns into very expensive decisions based on fear and gut-based decisions.

“Numerous case studies analyzing marketing effects in a recession all point to the same approach – invest similarly or even increase investment in advertising. It helps retain market share during the turmoil and grow market share on the other side,” said Simon Peel, Former Global Head of Media at Adidas “I hope marketers and their C-Suite take note of the evidence and apply it.”


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