We are reaching out to you as business partners to ensure that you know Ipsos MMA is taking the spread of COVID-19 extremely seriously. We are working hard to ensure that we are able to service your business while simultaneously taking all appropriate actions to protect our employees’ health and well-being. While the Coronavirus situation is evolving quickly we do have safeguards in place to allow us to manage through the crisis and continue our important work for clients. Ipsos is an ISO 27001 certified organization and as such has documented business continuity efforts in place for each Ipsos office.

We are hearing three key questions from our clients:

  1. Can our employees continue to work in the event of forced office closures?
  2. Will our teams be able to access the tools and data they require to fuel our analytic insights?
  3. Can we continue to stay in close contact with our clients and deliver our work?

To manage these risks we have the following business continuity measures in place:

  • Our associates have the existing IT tools and software that they would need to work remotely and are not forced to come into the office. Fully 95%+ of our associates have laptop computers with remote capabilities. Ipsos uses Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite for our employees which includes tools like Skype and Teams to allow our teams to collaborate seamlessly irrespective of their location.
  • Our infrastructure and toolset enable us to perform data processing and modeling remotely without copying data to a local system. In addition, the Ipsos Office 365 installation includes One Drive remote storage and access to allow our teams to share deliverables remotely with each other and with clients.
  • Each Ipsos laptop includes a VPN installation allowing access to our necessary production tools and data storage. As a result, our operating teams are capable of doing their work out of the office.
  • All of our people are equipped with remote video conferencing tools to allow collaboration with our clients and deliver results from a remote office location.
  • Ipsos teams are also able to redistribute work across our various office locations within the US as needed to help manage our workload in the event of office closures.
  • While we are confident that our resources can effectively continue to work through local quarantines or office closures, we also have the ability to redeploy data and analytic workload to geographies not as impacted by the virus. Ipsos MMA’s Operations teams are monitoring the situation closely and are ready to redeploy as necessary to ensure your projects are delivered in a timely manner and with the same level of quality you expect from us.

Senior leadership from Ipsos as well as Ipsos MMA are monitoring the situation closely and ready to intervene as conditions warrant. We recognize the challenges accompanying this crisis but feel that our existing business continuity plans put us in a good position to continue our operations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me or your account leadership team.