A critical need for future-proofed, sustainable marketing measurement & attribution solutions supporting growth in an always-on and connected environment is driving industry demand 


NEW YORKOct. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ipsos MMA, the globally recognized leader in marketing performance measurement and ROI analytics, unveils powerful enhancements to its market leading innovative Agile Attribution Platform. In response to the imminent deprecation of cookies and the continued data privacy concerns among consumers, Ipsos MMA has introduced Agile Attribution, a unified marketing measurement platform which integrates holistic marketing mix models, with micro-level models using advanced machine learning algorithms, and continuous market validation into a single insights and optimization platform. This strategic development reaffirms Ipsos MMA’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, its focus on providing the industry marketing investment decision-making that can be validated through increasing marketing value and its proactive approach to tackle the evolving challenges of data privacy.

Navigating the Changing Landscape

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) had long been an effective tool in marketers’ arsenals, providing insights into customer journeys, campaign and placement level effectiveness, and resource efficiency across attributable media tactics. However, with the diminishing reliability of third-party cookies and escalating concerns surround data privacy, marketers are in search of alternative solutions that achieve the same or better results.

Ipsos MMA recognized the urgent need for a more adaptable, agile and privacy-conscious approach. The introduction of Agile Attribution three years ago has been adopted and validated by global clients across multiple industries.  This latest evolution has positioned Ipsos MMA at the vanguard of innovation, ensuring that clients can continue to access detailed insights into their marketing performance and ROI, as well as driving both short and long-term marketing results in terms of achieving measurable gains in sales and brand equity.

Revolutionizing Marketing Measurement

Ipsos MMA’s Agile platform, fueled by cutting-edge analytics, empowers its clients to comprehensively assess marketing effectiveness across media channels, publishers, campaigns, creative, audiences and ad formats, both online and offline, without reliance on individual user data. This advanced approach seamlessly synthesizes econometric modeling, data science, AI, and machine learning, enabling monthly, weekly and daily measurement and optimization.

Key Benefits of Ipsos MMA’s Agile Attribution Platform:

  1.  Aggregate-Level & Micro-Level Media Insights: Powered by traditional marketing mix models coupled with micro-level attribution modeling, Agile offers a deeper understanding of how media investments, pricing, promotions, operations and external factors impact sales and customer behavior, leading to improved marketing effectiveness, efficiency and more accurate forecasting results.
  2. Unparalleled Agility: Clients can benefit from monthly and even weekly/daily model results, allowing for swift adjustments to marketing allocation strategies based on near-real-time insights. The platform dynamically identifies and automates the delivery of the most relevant, tactical simulation, optimization and next-best-action recommendations based on key priorities and KPIs.
  3.  Comprehensive Insights: Agile Attribution considers macroeconomic impacts, base consumer propensities, relative price position, creative factors, salesforce effectiveness, and competitive activity, among other key variables to ensure a true quantification of incrementality across platforms and channels.
  4. Ongoing, in-market validation and recalibration: Integration with testing ensures the accuracy and reliability of the platform’s insights.

Rob Cardarelli, Ipsos MMA’s Executive Vice President, Analytics and Attribution, explains, “Agile Attribution represents a monumental leap in the evolution of marketing measurement. With Ipsos MMA’s Agile platform, we’ve harnessed the power of cutting-edge analytics and AI to provide our clients with granular, rapid insights for agile marketing decision-making. This innovation addresses the challenges of data privacy and the lack of third-party cookie data, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies with unprecedented precision.”

Case Example: Telco Provider – Unlocking Marketing Excellence

A telco service provider faced the complex challenge of optimizing its vast marketing investment in media channels and promotional offers, and across a diverse range of geographic regions, asked Ipsos MMA for a comprehensive solution. The Agile Attribution platform identified specific, actionable insights and their associated value-proposition, enabling the telco provider to answer the following questions:

1.   Media Optimization – Strategic Precision:

What is the optimal balance of upper/mid/lower funnel tactics, channel-level strategies, creative approaches, targeted audiences and reach & frequency thresholds at the regional level?

2.    Product Allocation – Resource Allocation Wisdom:

How should the telco allocate its marketing spend across different lines-of-business, such as prepaid vs. postpaid, and wireless vs. internet vs. video?

3.    Promotional Strategy – Crafting Effective Offer Combinations:

What is the optimal promotional offer type and combination, including pricing, bundles, device trade-in credit, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), new account incentives, add-a-line promotions, upgrades, and gifts/freemiums?

Ipsos MMA’s Agile Attribution platform was able to provide insights and optimization recommendations not only within each marketing silo (media, product and promotion) but as a combination across all three levers at a DMA level, providing the ability to fine-tune the holistic marketing mix for maximum impact in each geographic area. In this real-world scenario, the Agile optimization solution yielded a potential 10% month-over-month increase in gross additions with neutral spending. These results speak to the platform’s effectiveness in enhancing strategic marketing decision-making.

“Our Agile Attribution platform doesn’t just deliver marketing performance insights; it sets a new standard for excellence in the industry, and our clients are absolutely thrilled with it,” exclaimed Charlie Hinton, Vice President, Analytics Consulting at Ipsos MMA. She went on to emphasize, “Agile isn’t just a tool; it’s a transformative force, especially for businesses grappling with complex marketing mixes. It has the potential to revolutionize go-to-market strategies for clients, optimizing investments across a multitude of critical areas including multiple lines-of-business, pricing and promotions, and media investments. The power of Agile is truly unparalleled.”

About Ipsos MMA
Ipsos MMA achieved recognition as a “Leader” in the Forrester Wave: Marketing Measurement and Optimization, Q3 2023 report. Ipsos MMA is the leading global data, analytics and software consultancy in the Unified Measurement Industry. The company enables its clients to achieve higher revenues and operating profits by optimizing their media, sales and operational investments via significantly enhanced and forward-looking planning, measurement, execution and re-calibration. Ipsos MMA is headquartered in New York, NY and is a part of the leading global custom market research company Ipsos, which has major offices in over 80 locations worldwide.

For further information on Ipsos MMA, please visit www.mma.com or contact Lisa Foster at lisa.foster@ipsos.com.