For the sixth year-in-a-row MMA achieved record, double-digit growth as a result of expanded utilization and adaptation of its commercial effectiveness solutions from its largest clients

New York, New York March 8, 2017 – Marketing Management Analytics , (MMA), an Ipsos Company, and a leader since 1989 in helping companies understand and optimize the value of their marketing, sales, operations, product, pricing and promotion investments, today announced its sixth straight year of record growth, increasing revenues by almost 18%.

“Working closely with our clients we were able to identify, measure and produce a record level of incremental revenue and profits for them in 2016,” said Patrick Cummings, CEO of MMA. “Our largest client tracked, measured and attributed almost $500 million in incremental revenue last year to the work we do together with them. By providing greater transparency and predictability through our analytics and consulting we’re able to arm our partners with what they need to gain material competitive advantages in the marketplace. That’s not only paying off for them but for MMA as well. MMA experienced better than 45% growth at our five largest clients last year as they continued to expand our services, software and transformative consulting across their organizations,” said Cummings.rig

Key to MMA’s continued growth and client successes has been their commercial effectiveness platform that provides clients with an unprecedented view into how all of their commercial investments work together, what the synergies across them are and how each should be properly attributed and allocated to maximize their effectiveness. “Too many analytic offerings today measure investments in silos’, said Doug Brooks, EVP of Strategic Client Relationships at MMA. “For example, if you’re going to measure digital investments accurately you have to understand how they are impacted by other upstream investments, like TV. You would be surprised how many companies we have found that make potentially damaging investment decisions by measuring their investments as if they worked on a 1-to-1 basis. That applies not just to evaluating marketing within the context of marketing but to how salesforce, pricing, promotions, operations, products and macro-economic factors interact with marketing and each other. If you measure in a silo you will more than likely misattribute value to that silo and make poorly informed investment decisions. MMA’s commercial effectiveness solution enables companies to properly attribute as well as align companies’ holistic business investments to achieve the best results,” said Brooks.