Creating Value and Predictive Analytic Insights for the Brand and the Board Room

Predictive Analytics are evolving rapidly. Analysis designed to tell you what happened in the past is, by its very definition, history. Today’s leading edge analytics are about the future. By applying a rich set of historical data with current and planned events, MMA is able to help companies plan, adjust and forecast in a way that creates measurable, incremental value by producing faster, more predictive, actionable results. By combining data, models and modeled outputs from our solution areas to help companies with their everyday business needs as well as their more complex challenges we enable companies to grow sales, profits and share in the global marketplace. Our ability to help companies solve problems and address important capability areas is unique. MMA’s solutions are built on a foundation of proven data management expertise, expert analytic methodologies and approaches, experienced consultative problem-solving skills, cutting edge tools and technology, a commitment to quality-delivered and deep knowledge of our clients’ industries.

Our forward looking and predictive solutions provide executives and key business stakeholders with value-driving analytic capabilities that enable them to plan, measure, evaluate and act on market opportunities resulting in higher sales, profits and share

  • MMA first and foremost works with our clients to create incremental and measurable value from analytics.
  • We developed a unique and powerful blend of consumer relevant, predictive analytic capabilities to support a wide range of business needs.
  • We seek to understand the problem first and then deploy a solution based upon our ability to quickly and flexibly deploy our assets to solve for it.
  • Working with our clients, we can collaboratively conduct Gap Analyses to develop a roadmap to create maximum relevance and value.
  • By integrating our solutions into our clients’ business flow and processes on a continuous, repeatable basis we maximize the ongoing value and relevance of the analytics.
  • We partner closely with our clients and their agencies to ensure that analytic results are translated into actionable, insightful business strategies.
  • Setting performance-based objectives help establish benchmarks and drive performance.
  • In order to create value we work with our clients to establish target value propositions.
  • Our business and analytic teams have the resources, experience and ability to work with end-users and executives alike.
  • We are committed to delivery excellence by implementing high-performance and quality assurance standards.