MMA’s proven approach to cross-channel attribution, digital planning and allocation helps improve overall marketing and channel level effectiveness while driving profitable growth for our clients.

We term it ‘MTA/Multi Touch Attribution’ as our approach delivers a full attribution analysis across both digital and offline channels while taking into account operational and macro economic factors – giving the complete view of commercial effectiveness across the enterprise.

MMA has broken through the silos often identified with digital attribution tools to build-out a breakthrough combination of rich data-based analytics and value-creating consulting – producing a platform that transforms commercial performance – solving digital, social and cross channel measurement and optimization challenges at the campaign, placement, timing and device level.

The solution delivers on the promise of producing stronger insights and ‘one truth’ full attribution metrics that determine the incremental delivery of digital marketing tactics whilst giving due credit to upper funnel demand generation media.

MTA/Multi Touch Attribution enables MMA’s clients to dramatically improve ROI of both online and offline tactics and drives stronger returns to omni-channel marketing by delivering a clear understanding of the interactions of unified full contributions across all channels in the marketing mix.

Many organizations are not connecting the dots between marketing mix modeling, other core business contributors (products, sales, operations) and digital attribution. It’s a problem created by focusing on only one of the core levers. By integrating the approaches, MMA has established a holistic view of cross channel attribution that enables each digital and offline marketing channel to be valued based on both its actual direct contribution to the business online and offline, and the indirect impact through its halo on the effectiveness of other marketing channels or campaigns within the context of all other business drivers including offline media, operations, macroeconomic, weather and brand KPIs.

MMA’s multi-stage digital measurement framework provides a true view into the full attribution of each digital channel while capturing important synergies with offline tactics and base drivers, delivering:

  1. The full attribution of each online and offline activity to incremental sales
  2. More accurate budget simulation and optimization by taking cross-media effects into account
  3. Breaking out detailed impact of digital tactics such as search keyword groups by campaign
  4. Granular insight into digital marketing in the context of long term brand impact and internal & external (macro) base factors
  5. Enabling the optimization of flighting around halo effects across online and offline tactics
  6. Fully understanding the DTC integration with digital attribution
  7. Critical insight into base drivers and intra-channel tactics
  8. Full digital attribution calculated and tracked on weekly dashboards

MMA’s approach is driven by an integrated data and modeling framework that captures cross-media interactions, incrementality and defines full digital attribution for E-commerce and in-store.

MMA is able to provide additional layers of insight around the synergies and halo effects at a deep tactical level – all within the context of the wider operations and external macro environment each business faces. In detail:

  1. Data from a client’s DMP/Data On-boarder is taken at an individual customer level. True sales revenue incrementality is measured.
  2. MMA quantifies the portion of attributed sales that are truly incremental. (For example only a portion of branded search conversions are incremental.)
  3. Long-term ROI (through modeling brand tracker KPIs, social media tracking or from MMA’s extensive norms) is incorporated into the model framework across all channels – enabling clients to see how each online and offline channel affects sales across the year not just in the short term.
  4. Offline Multipliers are defined – ensuring that ROIs reflect the impact of all activities on both brick & mortar and E-commerce conversion.
  5. Indirect Effects are measured – building 1000’s of separate models for each attribution channel to quantify indirect effects across all channels and tactics in the mix both in the short and the long term:
    1. Digital Cross-Attribution determined – MMA leverages 1000’s of independent models to quantify the cross-effects of various digital activities on each other (for example – how display drives paid search response or how social video drives display ad impact etc.).
    2. Offline Cross-Attribution calculated – Further independent secondary modeling is used to properly quantify how offline media drives online media (for example – how a TV campaign drives search clicks).
  6. Activation is enabled by:
    1. Digital Playbooks that offer in-depth recommendations to media planners – breaking down key insights across channels and optimal cross-media spend allocations (e.g. paid search vs. mobile etc.)
    2. Granular digital insights and bid/buy ranges provided to digital media planners
    3. Dashboards updated weekly with full digital and cross-channel attribution, improving media flighting and sub-channel optimization while delivering significant increases in ROI
    4. MMA’s Avista cloud-based business planning software ongoing tracking of attribution results, what-if scenarios and forecasts – allow communications planners at clients’ agencies to quickly evaluate new strategies, campaign performance or changes in execution. Avista is fully integrated with MMA’s data and analytics modeling platforms providing direct inputs into client systems through APIs and ETL processes.

MTA/Multi Touch Attribution delivers granular and actionable insight into all paid, owned and earned activities

ROI metrics at the total marketing channel level (e.g. total online social video) are the aggregate of many individual and granular ROIs at a very tactical level that vary by campaign/creative, timing, placement/publisher, duration, market and audience. MMA enables the optimization at this tactical level enabling a meaningful opportunity to improve the ROI of each channel, while driving measurable increases in the sales and profit driven in each marketing channel. One recent MMA client, the CFO of a global apparel company credits such tactical optimization for driving over $150, 000, 000 in incremental revenue for their brands over the past 3 years.

Determining the real ROI of social media

MMA leverages detailed social media data feeds to determine the short term and the long term ROI sales impact of influencer marketing, PR events and social video outreach campaigns. Determining the incremental revenue impact and ROI of organic and paid social advertising and PR impressions by platform, market, device and audience is a critical deliverable for many of our clients. MMA is uniquely able to set attribution results against our industry leading benchmarks – transforming how marketers see Social as an essential element within the marketing mix.

Transforming commercial effectiveness through software and consulting

MMA’s MTA/Multi Touch Attribution approach combines software analytics platforms with in-depth consulting to assist companies in understanding how to integrate and action the findings from the platform. Too often the software-as-a-service model of digital attribution tools focuses solely on the digital results vs. integrating other material marketing, sales, operations and economic influencers. As a result, the output from such tools often simply don’t make sense as they don’t incorporate relevant interactions that help shape the actual results and ROIs. Today marketers and CFOs are looking for a unified approach that matches their decision-making ability and business planning cycles in a way that embeds understandable, believable full attribution results into ongoing business operations on a cadence consistent with their traditional planning and management cycles.

Accurately assessing your marketing, and for that matter all business investments, requires a holistic approach. “Typical” digital attribution platforms struggle to accurately reflect the complete business ecosystem as they often don’t incorporate offline marketing and sponsorships (non-traceable), operational factors and critical external factors such as weather or the economy.

By integrating a holistic set of capabilities, MMA provides marketers with an accurate, actionable view of digital and offline attribution, enabling both top-down and bottom-up marketing optimization to drive gains in marketing performance (incremental revenue and profit driven by marketing) in the range of 20-30%.

MMA’s MTA/Multi Touch Attribution goes way beyond ‘last click’ and measurement in silos to deliver ‘one truth’ of ROI across all channels taking full account of offline/online interactions.