MMA’s proven approach to cross-channel attribution enables marketing planners to improve the effectiveness of their addressable channels driving more personalized plans

MMA’s approach to MTA delivers a fully integrated and holistic analysis across both digital and offline addressable channels at a customer level, taking into account all business drivers – providing a true picture of incrementality on addressable touchpoints.

How do we do this?

This is accomplished through implementing rich data strategies and value-based consulting – producing realistic cross-channel and platform optimizations – across digital, social, mobile, and video, activating and improving marketing buys at the campaign and audience levels, building a full view of the the customer journeys from online to offline.

This solution delivers insights across the marketing funnel giving the proper credit to upper funnel demand generation tactics, solving for the role of brand vs. performance marketing tactics.

Many failed attempts in the industry

The industry challenge today is that clients cannot manage their marketing performance through a true incrementality lens. The focus is on siloed measurement: top down for strategic planning, bottom up for campaign optimization, or AB in-market testing – without triangulating them together to embed analytics throughout the organization. By optimizing on only one marketing measurement source and not accounting for the complexity of all marketing – interactions, firms have often placed their budgets in addressable channels that perform well only in the short run – the “last touch” phenomenon. By integrating the approaches to a unified model, MMA has established a holistic view of cross-channel attribution that enables each tactic, both online and offline to be valued based on both their actual contributions to the business, as well as their indirect impacts through halo on the effectiveness of other marketing campaigns.

MMA’s attribution measurement framework provides a true view into the full attribution of each digital channel while capturing important synergies delivering:

  1. The right attribution of each activity on incremental sales
  2. More accurate and realistic cross media budget optimization
  3. Real time results – at the lowest levels
  4. The long-term role of brand vs performance
  5. Prioritizing customers and audiences drive the most value – and activating them to drive incremental sales
  6. More personalized communications

MMA’s approach is driven by an integrated data, modeling, and validation framework that captures the customer journey path and incrementality at the same time

MMA adds layers of insight around the synergies and halo so that our clients can embed these analytics into their decision platforms driving the most efficient conversions – both online and offline.

  1. Data from a client’s DSP, partner, device platform, and ad-server at the individual customer level are matched on identity to leverage 1st party and 3rd party data
  2. Programmatic optimization across audiences and tactics, including connected devices
  3. Long-term ROI effects – enabling clients to maximize cross-channel sales
  4. Indirect Effects are measured – building interactive and ensemble-based models for each attribution channel to quantify indirect effects across all tactics, leveraging big data
  5. Activation and targeting is enabled by playbooks, platform integrations, weekly unified dashboards, and connectivity into buying tools

Our MTA solution delivers granular and actionable insight into all paid, owned and earned activities – and we have case studies to prove it

MMA attribution – paid media, cross device, mobile, owned marketing channels, and earned media fuels optimization enabling a meaningful opportunity to improve the ROI of each channel, while in flight. One recent MMA client, the CFO of a global apparel company credits such tactical optimization for driving over $150, 000, 000 in incremental revenue for their brands over the past 3 years.

The winning combination: — Data Strategy, Consultative Support, and Technology Enablement

MMA’s MTA approach combines software analytics platforms with in-depth consulting and continuous in-market validations to assist companies in understanding how to integrate and action the findings from the platform. Too often the “software-as-a-service” model of digital attribution tools focuses solely on siloed digital results vs. incrementality. As a result, the output from such tools often simply doesn’t make sense as it doesn’t incorporate relevant interactions that help shape the actual results and ROIs. Today marketers and CFOs are looking for a unified approach that matches their decision-making ability and business planning cycles in a way that embeds understandable, believable full attribution results into ongoing business operations on a cadence consistent with their traditional planning and management cycles.

Accurately assessing your marketing, and for that matter all business investments, requires a holistic approach. “Typical” attribution platforms struggle to accurately reflect the complete business ecosystem as they often don’t incorporate all tactics, external factors, and long-term effects. More importantly they cannot do this at a customer level in a way that is useful to digital and personalized marketing planners.

By integrating a holistic set of capabilities, MMA provides marketers with an accurate, actionable view of digital and offline attribution, enabling both top-down and bottom-up marketing optimization to drive gains in marketing performance (incremental revenue and profit driven by marketing) in the range of 20-30%.

MMA’s MTA goes way beyond “last click” and measurement in silos to deliver “one truth” of ROI across all channels taking full account of offline/online interactions.