Apparel Case Study

Optimizing marketing to drive omni-channel sales and profit

Global Apparel Brand Increases Business Performance 12% within One Year

Industry: Retail

Brand: Global Apparel Manufacturer

Sales Channels: Wholesale, Owned Retail, Ecommerce

The Situation

Faced with flat to declining sales across all channels over the past 3 years, this apparel brand needed to re-evaluate its marketing investments and change course. In comparison to their key competitors in the market, the brand had significantly underinvested in marketing during the three-year period. But the question became, where to invest?

Without a clear, holistic picture of their marketing investments and ROI, they could not develop a strategy that would capture the right customers and ultimately, increase their profits. The major challenge ahead was uncovering fact-based, data-driven evidence that would aid the executive team in developing a growth strategy, determining where to make investments, and executing real-time decision-making.

The Solution

The brand partnered with Ipsos MMA through a marketing mix modeling engagement, inclusive of data management, predictive modeling, technology and consulting, to gain unprecedented transparency into what the most effective combination of their investments should be.

Focused on the brand’s comprehensive investment portfolio, Ipsos MMA focused on how sales, marketing, and operations’ budgets could be optimized to take advantage of the best investment strategies. As part of the marketing mix modeling approach, Ipsos MMA factored in such business drivers as:

  • TV
  • Out of Home
  • Events
  • CRM
  • Search
  • Print
  • Display, Online Video
  • Retargeting
  • Paid Social
  • Earned Social
  • Affiliate
  • Coop/Trade
  • PR
  • Competition – Media, Density
  • Operations – Distribution, Inventory, pricing, assortment/new product
  • External – Weather, Macroeconomic

The Results

Through Ipsos MMA’s predictive measurement program, the brand was able to improve performance thanks to newfound access to granular insights and activation guidance from MMA’s executive-level consultants. The brand quickly lessened the gap between them and their competitors with a +12% lift in business performance within one year (16% wholesale, 6% DTC, 3% partner). Marketing in particular drove 10% of the 12% growth as a result of:

  • Incremental investment in high ROI/upper funnel channels to drive increased reach and demand
  • Optimization of the investment mix (balance of traditional, digital, social)
  • Improved execution of campaigns (flighting, creative/targeting, placement) and Coop

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