Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: How to Drive Growth for Your Brand

Overcoming business challenges through marketing measurement and optimization

From where we stand, we know that building a brand and marketing your business is more than just influencing one metric, such as a marketing ROI number.  We know it’s a complex and dynamic environment in which you’re playing, metrics, or no metrics; but we also know that a data driven mindset can drive growth.

Insights Into Common Business Questions

We help dynamic organisations and global brands gain insights into the following business questions:

  • How to evolve marketing communications and go-to-market strategies to stay relevant in a COVID/post-COVID world where consumer behaviour is evolving?
  • What is the right balance of brand vs. performance marketing?
  • How to correctly balance short- and long-term growth with brand equity?
  • How to drive ecommerce growth in an omnichannel environment while continuing to support other channels?
  • How to more effectively collect and analyse large volumes of data in a holistic manner?
  • How to balance investments between new customer acquisition and retaining existing consumers?
  • How to bring in new leading Indicators of sales performance and have them complement the existing view of the business (i.e. share-of-search)?

There is No One Size Fits All Solution to These Complex Questions

Ipsos MMA partners with organisations to take on these business questions with analytical excellence and a supportive consulting framework. Using our best-in-class Unified Measurement solution, a combination of marketing mix modeling and customer attribution, we create a foundation that enables strategy development, actionable planning and granular, real-time optimization.

Industry leading brands choose MMA given:

  • Our Unified solution helps to understand which media tactics and broader marketing are most effective
  • Our Analytical approach integrates multiple disparate data sources using innovative data techniques and an expert team of data professionals
  • Our mindset is forward looking. Dynamic scenario modelling helps to plan future media investments
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