Multi-Touch Attribution and Unified Measurement Explained

Multi-Touch Attribution is all about understanding how various digital tactics are driving your sales. Unified Measurement, is a step beyond.

Multi-Touch Attribution is all about understanding how various digital tactics are driving your sales.  Unified Measurement, is a step beyond MTA, where offline tactics and a holistic view of your business is incorporated into attribution modelling to get the most accurate view of digital performance

Why Unified Measurement

Because the marketing ecosystem has been extremely complicated by digital advertising over the past decade today’s buyer journeys span many devices and touchpoints before resulting in a conversion.  This complexity leads to a wealth of data that is forever becoming more omni present and real-time in digital domains.  Ultimately this leads to a lot of data to sift through before a true understanding of what is driving incremental sales can be found.

The role of Unified measurement is to help companies get their arms around this wealth of data and make sense of it.  Unified Attribution delivers fast, granular tactical reporting and recommendations.

  • This can be used in Real-time Paid and Owned Media Optimization, 1st / 3rd Party Targeting by Platform, Audience, Next Best Action.
  • Investment optimisation can be done across or within Markets, Brands, Channels, Time, Device, Campaign, Creative, Placement, Frequency, Partners
  • Targeting can be done by Platform, Format, Approach, Buy-Types, Audiences, Funnel

The Benefit of Unified Measurement

  • Weekly Prioritization of Touchpoints - Identify the most effective touchpoints, messages and audiences while in-market, and course correct, optimize to achieve goals
  • Granular Weekly ROI Optimization - Review message, placement, audience performance by week; optimize upcoming campaigns
  • Optimal Targeting Plan - Select targeting approach to drive the most returns for an upcoming month tactics – search caps, frequency, nameplate

Ultimately letting you understand your ecosystem better and drive incremental sales from advertising investments.

MMA Unified Attribution Solution

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