Ipsos MMA Partners with HealthVerity

Ipsos MMA and HealthVerity partner to Reinvent Omnichannel Patient and HCP Attribution in the Pharma Industry

To continue helping pharma and healthcare brands measure and optimize the value of their patient and HCP promotions, Ipsos MMA has partnered with HealthVerity. This partnership will integrate Ipsos MMA’s Unified Patient & HCP Attribution model with HealthVerity IPGE, the industry’s leading infrastructure for patient identity resolution, privacy, governance, and exchange of broadscale healthcare and consumer data.

This innovative, future-proofed capability enables pharmaceutical marketers to generate and activate audiences, measure the quality of the audiences reached, and optimize omnichannel net conversion lift while campaigns are in market.

HealthVerity has partnered with manufacturers, payers, and government organizations to solve complicated use cases through technology and data infrastructure that offer a more complete and accurate patient journey.

Leveraging Patient & Physician Journeys to Increase Sales and Boost Omnichannel Marketing ROI

To drive more impactful patient and physician interaction, Ipsos MMA has developed Unified Patient and HCP Attribution and Optimization. By identifying the interactions across each HCP and Patient journey, this solution enables the accurate assessment of what drives the most value and how, when, and where to optimize. As marketers and agencies build and measure plans, Ipsos MMA’s unified approach will ensure each touchpoint generates great effect on their desired business outcomes.

Through a simplified omnichannel journey measurement framework, this solution allows pharmaceutical marketers to measure omnichannel impact, optimize campaigns by audience, identify “next best actions” in the sequence, track performance, and improve audience targeting.


In a recent case study, an incremental $74MM was generated in 6 months by optimizing both the HCP and Patient Journeys (“Omnichannel”) with the enhanced Unified MMM / Attribution approach. To learn more about this case study and the benefits of this unified solution, download our Unified Patient/HCP Attribution & Optimization resource.

Ipsos MMA Named a Leader by Forrester Wave Report

In its report, “The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions, Q1 2022,” Forrester applied a comprehensive process including customer reference surveys/interviews, product demonstrations, and a detailed product and strategy questionnaire.

“Ipsos MMA delivers premium unified measurement through a business optimization lens. Ipsos MMA’s measurement offering is based on its consulting-led engagement model backed by deep technology capabilities. By offering consistently capable services and technology alongside a high-touch, always-on delivery model, Ipsos MMA aspires to not only help clients optimize marketing performance but also to drive broader business outcomes.”

Learn more in the full report.


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