NEW YORK, October 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/

Marketing Management Analytics, (Ipsos MMA), an Ipsos Company, and a leader in helping companies understand and optimize the value of their marketing, sales, operations, product, pricing and promotion investments, today announced that through a 24-month partnership and collaboration with leading advertisers, have successfully addressed one of the largest marketing measurement challenges in the industry with the launch of version 2.0 of the Activate Unified Marketing Planning Platform, a marketing attribution, optimization and simulation solution. Until recently, the future of MTA (multi-touch-attribution) was still a big question mark. Data challenges and ‘walled gardens’, failure of adoption, privacy regulations, the state of the cookie, and other data challenges had made success elusive. Outside of a few exceptions, MTA as a measurement tool has not met brands business needs. Ipsos MMA’s new Activate software release has successfully addressed the challenges that were acting as barriers to success. For the first time a data rich, transparent, unified analytics platform has been created capturing a holistic range of omni-channel business drivers (traditional marketing, digital and social media, operation, external factors, long-term impacts) capable of delivering real-time optimization across all marketing touchpoints. Activate 2.0 enables planners with a real-time, powerful tool producing accurate results and validated sales predictions in order to generate measurable, incremental sales and profits.

“Ipsos MMA understands there is no one-size-fits all solution to MTA. It’s not as simple as integrating our data into an off-the-shelf platform. The Ipsos MMA team worked shoulder to shoulder with our analytics, marketing, and finance organization to develop and validate a platform that helps to address our unique needs.” said Jon Francis, SVP at Starbucks.

“Working with our clients, we have been able to successfully implement a unified measurement solution because we approached it together correctly and in a collaborative manner with our client,” said Patrick Cummings, CEO of Ipsos MMA. “In too many cases, companies apply canned approaches and ‘black box’ software that only measure the impact of paid, owned and social media in a silo. This leads to the impact of digital and addressable channels being often grossly over-stated. Our approach evaluates digital, social and personalized media within the context of all the potential drivers, inclusive of synergies, attribution impact and halo effects. As a result, the outputs are considerably more accurate and predictive. We are very excited about the results we have achieved with our clients and look forward to continuing to work with them to drive the industry forward,” said Cummings.

The latest release of Ipsos MMA’s Activate Unified Marketing Planning platform enables advertisers to achieve a number of important objectives:

  • Optimize paid media at the channel, message, ad format, placement, timing and customer segment level, balancing broad media with owned personalization channels at scale on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis
  • Help brands adopt and omni-channel view of the business to understand how all marketing touchpoints drive online and offline sales, working together to generate the greatest value to the business – optimizing customers to the most efficient sales channels
  • Target a range of media and operations investments and personalized messages across customers, markets, products, and dayparts to drive increases in revenue and profit
  • Incorporate the long-term impact of marketing by using panel based data through our integrated with Ipsos, measuring the valuation of brand and social engagement
  • Understand and respond to the impact of a holistic range of business drivers including: operational factors, external factors and marketing on an ongoing basis, adapting to changes quickly at the pace of our clients’ business
  • Take a customer centric view by working with our clients to locate and measure segments that drive the greatest LTV and leverage various targeting technologies to effectively trigger different points of the customer journey

Learn more about Ipsos MMA’s Unified Customer Attribution capability and the Activate Unified Marketing Planning Platform.

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