When Powerball hits a jackpot of 100’s of millions of dollars lines form, chatter about how you would spend your winnings begins and people buy tickets but what else drives sales for the Lottery? What is the optimal media spend level and what is the most effective vehicle to advertise? This week is the NASPL (North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries) annual conference in Portland, OR. MMA’s Doug Brooks, EVP Strategic Account Relationships, has been asked to speak about how state lotteries are taking advantage of predictive analytics to optimize their marketing spend, how this practice is evolving and what is on the horizon.

Laura Sofro, Research & Analytics Manager of the Oregon State Lottery knows first-hand the power and value this type of analysis can deliver.

“Marketing Mix Modeling has been very valuable in helping the Oregon Lottery to understand the relative impact of macro-economics versus our operational and marketing efforts on our sales. We’ve effectively used the modeling results to help optimize the timing, tactics and budgets tied to each of our products.”

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