This Partnership Program enables our clients to accurately, transparently and objectively measure digital advertising spend across Google Search, GDN and YouTube through a fast and validated approach

Marketing Management Anaytics, An Ipsos Company

NEW YORK, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Marketing Management Analytics, (MMA), an Ipsos Company, and a leader since 1989 in helping companies understand and optimize the value of their marketing, sales, operations, product, pricing and promotion investments, today announced its partnership with Google to establish and lead the industry standards for measuring the offline financial impact of Search, Display and Online Video. This program enables advertisers to benefit from granular measurement of each digital channel at the campaign, placement, buy type, ad format, device and geography, through a holistic Commercial Effectiveness model that includes all offline media, digital advertising, social media, operations, external and consumer factors.

Marketing executives use commercial effectiveness and marketing mix models to understand how their marketing investments are performing within their holistic investment schema in order to drive sales and optimize their spend across multiple brands, channels, and geographies. With investment in digital and mobile advertising growing rapidly, marketers want to be sure the statistical models they usecorrectly value the forward-looking impact of these channels. The Marketing Mix Model Partners program is designed to ensure advertisers can accurately measure the ROI of their digital investments and confidently understand the digital drivers of ROI to improve returns year-over-year.

“We’re thrilled to work with MMA as part of our Marketing Mix Model Partners program. The program will help marketers accurately measure the ROI of their digital investments by giving our partners standardized access to accurate and granular data for Google video, display, and search campaigns. Additionally, by working to improve digital best practices and transparency, our strategic partnership will enable MMA to provide industry-leading independent strategic insight into the full impact of our clients’ digital ads on their business,” said Casey Cowgill, Head of U.S. Brand Measurement at Google. “MMA has been an incredible and integral partner in kicking off this Partners program as we collectively strive to improve the industry for our joint clients,” said Mr. Cowgill.

“Accurate, holistic and transparent measurement of the offline sales impact and ROI of digital media is critical for our clients across all industries and global markets,” said Doug Brooks, EVP of Strategic Client Relationships at MMA. “Silo’ed analytics and limited access to granular data have been a barrier for marketers who are struggling to understand the true ROI of digital investments and their impact on offline consumer behavior within the context of all business drivers including: traditional media, sponsorships, social media, pricing, competition, macro-economic factors and weather. Through this partnership, we are continuing to improve the quality of data while establishing industry standards and best practices for measurement. By fueling our holistic Commercial Effectiveness models with granular data feeds and metrics directly from Google, we are helping companies measure and improve the ROI of each digital channel and take advantage of cross-channel synergies on an ongoing basis,” said Brooks.

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